How Brooke Williamson Uses Up Leftover Creamed Corn From Thanksgiving

Need a little culinary inspiration for your canned goods? Take some words of wisdom from the experts. During an interview with Brooke Williamson and Antonia Lafoso at the 2023 New York City Wine & Food Festival, the chefs discussed their Thanksgiving plans, which inevitably led to a chat about their favorite canned goods — and those that get left behind. Williamson in particular had some wisdom to share about that leftover can of creamed corn.

Besides functioning as one of the more solid Thanksgiving side dishes, Williamson likes to have this corny ingredient on hand for cornbread. This idea has its roots in an old recipe that uses both Jiffy cornbread mix and a can of creamed corn to create a decadent cornbread that teeters on the line of corn pudding density. As Williamson describes it, that can of creamed corn "makes for a very custardy cornbread." Plus, with this thicker consistency comes a sweeter taste, making for an extra-rich wedge of cornbread. So how should you go about bringing this luxe but low-effort dish to your own table? 

Make the custardy cornbread of your dreams

First, start with one 14-ounce can of creamed corn and one 14-ounce can of regular corn kernels. This will help balance some of the extra moisture that the creamed corn will bring without sacrificing a double corn flavor. Next, grab two 8.5-ounce boxes of your favorite cornbread mix. Jiffy is traditional but you can easily use another brand. 

Outside of these three convenience items, you can add a bit of dairy (sour cream and milk are common) and some eggs. Meanwhile, butter or vegetable oil will come in for the rich fat. Some recipes like to up the sweetness level by adding a few tablespoons of honey or brown sugar, but if you'd like to keep it more savory, you can skip it. In fact, if you'd like it with a spicy twist, you can dump in a can of green chiles or chopped poblanos for some heat. Baked at 350 degrees for about an hour, this triple-corn threat becomes as decadent as your taste buds could want.