Mushrooms Make A Perfectly Rich And Creamy Meatless Pâté

Just because meat-based products are out of your diet doesn't mean you can't still enjoy the taste of a satisfyingly rich pâté. Though the creamy, decadent spread usually contains animal products, a vegan-friendly version can be made with foods that can be found in the forest. And no, the substitutions don't result in a texture that falls flat compared to the original.

By mixing fresh herbs with the taste of earthy, umami mushrooms, it is easy to create a satisfying pâté topping for crunchy crostini and pre-dinner plates of crackers. Thickened with nuts, enhanced by olive oil, and flavored with a variety of aromatics and herbs, the fresh combination of ingredients can be made quickly in a food processor and served for tonight's dinner party. We have Michelle Bottalico to thank for an easy-to-make mushroom pâté recipe that will have both meat lovers and vegetarians alike filling their plates with more.

A plant-based recipe that satisfies

Though white button mushrooms are suggested when making this vegetarian-friendly pâté, home cooks can also experiment with other mushroom varieties. Consider blending king oyster mushrooms in your food processor for a gamier taste or sprinkling porcini powder into your mixture of ingredients to add layers of complexity. As with any dish, give yourself permission to sample and taste as you go. Adding additional herbs and spices can help round out the flavors, and adjusting salt to taste can result in the spread of your dreams. Leave out the butter for a vegan-minded recipe, or swap it for ghee for an even more decadent dish. While almonds can bring a rounder, chewier palate to the pâté, you can also toss in handfuls of walnut pieces or pine nuts to build additional structure. 

When served alongside a spread of appetizers and hors d'oeuvres, you may be surprised at how quickly this pâté disappears. You might want to make a double batch and save the rest for tomorrow. This pâté can taste even better the next day after the ingredients have had time to rest.