Why Jessie James Decker Thinks You Should Make Your PSL At Home - Exclusive

Whether you love it or you hate it, the pumpkin spice latte is a staple of the fall season, its annual release seemingly creeping closer and closer to summer on our calendars, to the delight of some and the frustration of others. If you're thoroughly on Team PSL, though, we've got good news. Thanks to Jessie James Decker's new cookbook, you can satisfy your pumpkin spice latte cravings long after the big coffee chains have turned their attention to all things peppermint and gingerbread. In fact, you might just find that, thanks to Decker's second cookbook — dubbed "Just Eat" — you don't even want to go to the big guys for your PSL anymore anyway, because you can make your own (or at least Decker's), better version at home.

In an exclusive Tasting Table interview, we asked Decker what makes her PSL so delicious and why it's worth a shot, even for those diehard traditional PSL fans. She said it all came down to two words: pure ingredients.

Her homemade version is 'as real as it gets'

"Not to pick on Starbucks, but [my pumpkin spice latte] has more pure ingredients," Jessie James Decker told us. "What I like about my pumpkin spice latte is we're not using any fake stuff. It's as real as it gets. You're not going to feel sick afterward. I always feel a little sick when I [drink] the other ones." A quick look at the pumpkin spice latte recipe in "Just Eat" confirms her recipe's simplicity. It only calls for seven ingredients, and they're all recognizable, pronounceable, and quite possibly in your pantry right now.

While Decker says she's not "super vocal" about the healthy side of her cooking, she explained that it's something that's very important to her and her family, and not just because healthy eating is fashionable. "I like to [eat] as clean and real food as possible," she said. "I have learned that, with my body and with my kids' bodies, the more real food, the better. Whenever we splurge and eat 'the fun stuff,' we all feel sick. It's because our bodies are so used to the real thing."

Find more recipes in "Just Eat" by Jessie James Decker, on sale now, as is Decker's new line of cookware, Just Feed Me by Jessie James Decker.