The 3-Cut Knife Hack That Removes Stubborn Orange Rinds With Ease

Let's face it, many of us would eat more oranges if they were easier to peel. Nobody likes getting orange rind and pith (the white, spongy layer) stuck under their nails or staining their fingertips. Luckily, there's an easy knife hack that will help solve this problem. This method is not only mess-free but also creates a convenient, ready-to-eat row of slices that are perfect for kids and adults alike to eat on the run.

To execute this hack, all you need is a knife, a cutting board, and any size orange, although it might work best with mandarin oranges. First, cut a thin slice off the top of the orange, then another thin slice off the bottom. Make a cut that extends from one of the cut ends to the other, making sure to pierce the rind without cutting too far into the fruit. Finally, pull the ends apart, extending the orange into a single strip of slices. You can choose to peel off the oranges slices one by one as you eat them or all at once and put them in a bowl.

Other orange peeling hacks

Considering how annoying peeling an orange can be, It's no surprise that people have come up with other citrus hacks for peeling this tasty, nutritious fruit. With these tricks, you might just be encouraged to add more oranges to your diet. 

One alternative to the 3-cut knife hack involves cutting a single line along the middle that extends around the entire orange, only puncturing the rind and not the flesh. Then, use your thumb to pry off the peel on both sides of the cut, rotating the orange as you go. This allows you to remove the peel in just two pieces. If you want to avoid getting your hands dirty, you can use a utensil like the handle of a spoon to pry off the peel instead of your fingers.

Another nifty peeling hack involves cutting an orange in half and simply pushing the rind inside out, leaving you with easy-to-pluck orange pieces. Like the 3-cut knife hack, this trick might work best with an orange that has a softer rind like a clementine or mandarin orange.