Roll Mochi In Peanut Meal To Add A Decadent, Nutty Crunch

While the chewy, gummy consistency makes for one of the highlights of the mochi-eating experience, mochi balls that have been rolled in peanut meal can also be a delightful dessert or treat. Rolling mochi in ground-up or powdered nuts not only adds a satisfying texture to a classic homemade mochi recipe, but the addition can also bring a buttery, salty, or smoky flavor enhancement to your culinary undertakings.

Whether you make your own peanut meal at home by grinding nuts in a food processor or buy a premade version from your local market, pouring nut powder onto a plate and pressing each mochi ball gently into the protein-rich flakes before setting them into the fridge to rest and harden will have you feeling like a master chef in the comfort of your own kitchen. While the surface of this type of mochi won't be as smooth as the more traditional variety, the contrast can offer a fresh take on a favorite classic. 

Serving a palette of flavors and textures

Look to complement the flavor and style of your mochi recipes with different varieties of ground nuts, seeds, and flavored powders. Walnuts, almonds, and peanuts can all be crushed into fine pieces to coat the outside of your mochi balls. For those with nut allergies, consider using seeds like pumpkin, sunflower, or sesame, or grind flakes of dried coconut into finer pieces to cover each ball. Dehydrated fruits can also be finely ground and used to coat your rolled spheres of sweet glutinous rice flour.

You can also organize your kitchen so that several batches of mochi are made in one go. When making vanilla glazed mochi donuts, for example, leave one portion of the recipe aside to serve in the more traditional style, roll one third in your choice of powdered nuts, and cover the final pieces with chocolate or coconut. When presented with a colorful spread that offers a variety of textures and appearances to choose from, your guests will marvel at your mochi-making prowess.