TikTok's Monster Mash Mimosas Will Be A Smash At Halloween Parties

What's tall, green, and sparkly and making the rounds at all the spooky season parties? The viral Monster Mash Mimosa cocktail features sparkling wine, green melon liqueur, and edible green glitter, of course! It's a gorgeous shade of monster green, sure to grab the attention of all the ghouls and ghosts at your party. It's just the right drink to offer with Halloween-themed treats, too. Remember, bubbles are for celebrating — this smashing drink is perfect for raising a toast to Halloween this year.

Mimosas are a popular crowd-pleaser, and although sparkling wine and orange juice is the traditional flavor for brunch, there really is no limit to the delicious flavors you can mix with your bubbles. The Monster Mash is a close cousin to cocktails like the Bellini or Kir Royale, which also showcase fruity flavors with Champagne or Prosecco. Melon liqueur brings a refreshing sweet-tart and slightly tropical character to the cocktail.

Stirring up your Halloween potion

TikTok user The Spritz Effect posted a viral version of the drink, including a fun rim made with decorator icing and sprinkles. The stemless glass full of green bubbles and dancing glitter particles is exactly the drink we need to get in the Halloween spirit. Starting with a scoop of edible green glitter topped with a half-ounce of melon liqueur, the cocktail is topped off with sparkling wine. For a lower alcohol spritz version of the drink, you could choose sparkling water, either plain or citrus flavor.

If you are not a melon fan, try sour apple liqueur or a slightly spicy version, and add ancho chile liqueur. Not all monsters are green, of course! Blue curaçao's bright orange flavor mixed with green glitter would make a bewitching Blue Moon Mimosa, and the lovely purple of Empress Gin and glitter make a magical concoction lovely enough for the fairies to sip. Find some matching sprinkles, and create your own viral sensation!