Tasting Table Unearths What Cocktail Fans Think Is The Best For Brunch - Exclusive Survey

Between bachelorette parties, Mother's Day, or even just a nice start to your Sunday morning, it's safe to say brunch isn't just a passing trend. And it makes total sense — the late morning meal is a great time to socialize, as you get a little extra time to get ready or sleep in and still have most of the day ahead of you after you're done.

When it comes to pairing drinks with brunch foods, Grey Goose has a few suggestions. If you prefer egg-based dishes, like omelets or huevos rancheros, a Bloody Mary is a good go-to. If you're craving something a little sweeter, the vodka company suggests sangria alongside your pancakes or French toast. Of course, you could always have the best of both worlds and sip on a sweet cocktail (we recommend a white mimosa if you're making brunch at home) alongside your frittata or breakfast tacos. And there is always the safe — and often more affordable — option of buying a bottle of wine to split with the table.

But we wanted to know what you like best when imbibing early. In a recent survey of 615 people living in the U.S., respondents were asked to vote on their favorite boozy brunch drink. Out of five classic options, there was one clear winner.

This fizzy drink was the brunch favorite

In a survey conducted by Tasting Table, coming in as the number one pick for brunch is the classic mimosa, which received 33.82% of the votes. The recipe is traditionally a blend of champagne or sparkling wine and orange juice. Often served in a champagne flute ordering a mimosa can add a little bit of excitement to your morning with each citrusy, fizzy sip. (And if you're looking to upgrade your experience you can add other fruit juices to mix, like cranberry or grapefruit.)

Sliding into second place with 24.88% is the Bloody Mary, made with tomato juice, vodka, lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, and seasoned with salt & pepper. Though this combination doesn't exactly sound like a breakfast beverage, it may help ease your hangover if you were out drinking the night before — Serious Eats reports that the drink can help rehydrate you and provide an extra dose of vitamins.

Tied for third place with 14.15% of the vote each are the screwdriver and the peach bellini. Although both drinks simply swap one ingredient compared to our winner (vodka instead of sparkling wine in a screwdriver, peach juice instead of orange for the bellini) readers clearly prefer the mimosa's citrusy fizz. And finally, in last place, 13.01% of readers enjoy a simple glass of rosé wine during brunch.