Pop Some Marshmallows In The Air Fryer To Savor S'mores All Year Round

A warm summer night around the campfire is the perfect time to break out your s'mores supplies, but even when the weather gets cooler in the fall and winter you can still whip up this tasty treat at home. You don't need a backyard fire pit, and you won't need any skewers or gas stovetops either. As long as you have an air fryer, you can make homemade s'mores in a flash.

The key here is to air fry the graham crackers with the marshmallows, so the latter get all nice and gooey while melting into the cracker. If you're worried about burning the crackers, don't fret; the best part about this s'more-making method is that you only need to air fry your treat for three minutes max at 400 degrees Fahrenheit, which gives the marshmallows just enough time to get slightly toasty. Because it happens so quickly, air frying s'mores is perfect for when you need to make large amounts, like for a party. And if you're just whipping up a dessert for one or two, you won't have to start a whole fire to make it happen.

How to make air fryer s'mores

If you want to whip up air fryer s'mores indoors, here's how to do it: Break your graham crackers and marshmallows in half, then attach the sticky side of a marshmallow half to one of the cracker halves. As we know, air fryers work by quickly circulating hot air around the basket — so if your marshmallows are placed on top of your crackers whole, they can easily slide around your device. If they still fall off when you pull the basket open, however, you can use tongs or a fork to pop them right back on. Also, make sure the treats don't overlap. If it's your first time making them, see how they're doing after a minute or two. While we recommend three minutes at 400 degrees Fahrenheit, every appliance is a little different, and you don't want to risk burning your 'mallows.

Just as with campfire roasted marshmallows, you can still do the fun part of making s'mores with this air fryer method: pressing them together to allow the heat from the candy to melt the chocolate. Place a chocolate square on the half of the graham cracker that's not in the fryer, and once the marshmallows are nice and toasty, sandwich them to the chocolate immediately. For extra-fast chocolate melting, stick your fully assembled s'more back in the turned-off air fryer for 15 seconds max.