Why You Should Avoid Storing Rhubarb Pie In The Fridge

Something as beautiful as the strawberry rhubarb pie you've carefully created deserves proper attention, even after you've taken the sweetly tart baked treat out of the oven. Though you might think that stashing your pretty pink pie in the fridge can help extend the life of your baking accomplishment, there's a much better option to protect the freshness and preserve the texture of your dessert.

As surprising as it might sound, rhubarb pies can last for up to three days when kept at room temperature. Shoving your pie into the fridge can have an adverse effect, turning your delicate pie into a soggy mess that isn't quite as appealing to scoop out of the pie dish and serve. If you anticipate needing to store your creations for a longer duration, slices can be wrapped and frozen for a few months, with less of a runny mess after thawing than a pie piece that has been taken out of the fridge.

A perfect slice every time

Rhubarb packs a lot of moisture, so mastering pie recipes made with this colorful ingredient can be a challenge. To reduce the likelihood of a soggy-bottomed crust, start baking your rhubarb pie at higher temperatures to keep the base of the pie firm, or consider macerating the rhubarb with sugar to pull out moisture before assembling your pie. 

After removing the pie from the oven, be sure the baked good has time to cool before you cut it into slices. Letting the treat rest for several hours can eliminate some of the soggy effects that many rhubarb pies present. When you are ready to serve the treat, less is more when it comes to this delightfully tart treat. Vanilla ice cream, sprinkles of powdered cinnamon, or flakes of crunchy sea salt are all you need to carry a delicious dessert to the dining room table. Whatever isn't consumed, leave it out on the counter. You may find yourself craving a piece of pie alongside your afternoon coffee or slicing a piece for breakfast the next day — without having to deal with a wet mess of a recipe.