Upgrade A Basic Whiskey And Coke With Lagavulin For A Uniquely Smoky Drink

Tell your usual rum and coke order to step aside, there's a smokier flavor in town, and this beverage mixture is guaranteed to satisfy thirsty palates that appreciate a certain depth of flavor and complexity of taste. The drink is called a Smoky Cokey, and while the recipe is a simple one to put together, the finished product can make you feel like a professional bartender without needing to mix together many ingredients or shake drinks with gusto.

We have author Dave Broom to thank for the initial combination of Scotch Lagavulin and Coke, as his concoction quickly made rounds after being published in 2014 in his book "Whisky: The Manual." Eventually, the drink was served on silver trays in martini glasses to guests at a whisky festival in Scotland. Without needing to step on a plane, you, too, can have a taste of the smoky, sweet beverage in the comfort of your own home. 

Feel like a professional bartender at home

Pairing the earthy, salty notes of Lagavulin with a sweet, mineral cola is the match your home bar may have been missing. Whether you use the single malt 16-year Lagavulin or 8-year variety, mixing this whisky from the Scottish island Islay may raise the eyebrows of some whisky connoisseurs, but one sip may convince even the most doubtful of skeptics. The taste is sweet, salty, and smoky — the best of all the flavor combinations you might expect from a highball.

Once you have your peated Scotch and cola of choice in hand, the only decisions that remain for you as an at-home bartender are whether to garnish your concoction with a citrus peel or splash a few drops of bitters to deepen the profile of your drink. Experiment with using different colas and compare your drinks mixed with the two aged labels of Lagavulin. For an adult treat, add a scoop of vanilla ice cream for the most mature ice cream float that will ever reach your lips.