Honey And Chili Flakes Give Veggie Dip A Sweet And Spicy Upgrade

The veggie dip you serve at your next get-together doesn't need to be confined to basic concoctions made from yogurt or ranch dressing. With the quick and easy addition of a few spices and a sweetener of your choosing, creamy condiments and spreads can be transformed into a surprising side feature of a dish that will leave guests reaching for more. 

Swirling your choice of honey or agave syrup and sprinkling chili pepper flakes can give your usual recipe a satisfying punch of sweet-and-spice, and the combination of the creamy, flavorful dip with crunchy cut vegetables and toasted pieces of pita bread or buttery baguettes will quickly become the centerpiece of the appetizer spread. Plus, the amount of chili flakes added to the dip can be adjusted depending on your preferred palate for heat as a swirl of honey on top provides a visual appeal before the first spoonful is scooped up and plated.

An easy customizable upgrade

As with incorporating any new ingredients into more familiar recipes, taste as you go when adding honey and chili pepper flakes into your dip recipes. To boost your veggie dips with a bit more spice, consider sprinkling freshly ground black pepper into the mixture, or bring a warming element to the recipe with the inclusion of powdered cinnamon or ginger. 

If you prefer a sweeter dip to serve — perhaps you're pairing the dip with more savory options like mushrooms, seeded crackers, or chopped broccoli — go easy on the red pepper flakes and adjust the amount of honey that you include into your veggie dip. For varied tasting experiences, experiment with incorporating drizzles of balsamic vinegar, molasses, or maple syrup to find the right touch of sweetness that deliciously complements your go-to recipe of vegetable dip, whether the dip you serve is made with feta cheese or zucchini and tahini.