28 Best Dip Recipes

Dips are an entertaining staple. Whether you're hosting a barbecue, Super Bowl party, or elegant dinner, there's a perfect dip for you. Most of these spreads require very little preparation besides some precursory mixing and potentially a crock-pot, and many dips can be made without needing to cook or bake any component. When it's time to serve, pop open a bag of your favorite chips, or slice up some bread and veggies to make your dip into a portable crowd-pleaser. 

While there are no ingredients that define a good dip, there are some common trends and cooking methods that separate dip varieties from one another. Many dips utilize a thick cream cheese or sour cream to bolster the ingredients together, while others include more summery herbs and ingredients for a lighter eating experience. You'll also come across variations in texture; some dips are prepared chunky while others are much smoother. So dust off your favorite serving dish and serve up some of these delectable dips! 

Cheeseburger dip

If you find yourself at a gathering with fellow burger lovers, you will want to have a bowl of cheeseburger dip on hand. This simple dip is made with cooked ground beef, which can be substituted with ground turkey for a lower fat or plant-based ground meat for a vegetarian option. In addition, the recipe features other standard burger ingredients, including melted cheese, thousand island dressing (or substitute with your favorite burger sauce), and crunchy pickles. Cheeseburger dip is perfect for eating with standard potato chips, tortilla chips, or hearty pita alongside your other favorite tailgating or football-season foods. 

Recipe: Cheeseburger Dip

Caramel pecan cheesecake fruit dip

Dessert dips are an easy way to make your fruit tray more appealing. This caramel pecan cheesecake fruit dip doesn't require you to use your oven, which is perfect for a hot summer day when the last thing you want to do is cook. Its base is made of cream cheese, marshmallow fluff, vanilla yogurt, and canned caramel — how easy is that? It's topped with a crunchy addition of chopped pecans, which can be substituted with a different nut or omitted altogether. The recipe can also be modified to include your favorite confectionary complements like a spoonful of Nutella, strawberry sauce, or OREO cookies. Plate your dip alongside sliced apples, strawberries, or bananas. 

Recipe: Caramel Pecan Cheesecake Fruit Dip

Party-pleasing taco dip

Let's face it, assembling a taco is a messy process. But if you put all of your taco toppings into a bowl and call it a dip, you'll dramatically cut down on the mess and make it more fun to eat. The base of the dip is made from sour cream, cream cheese, and cheddar cheese seasoned with smoked paprika, chili powder, garlic, and onion powder. Then, the dip is layered with all the taco staples, like shredded cheese, diced peppers, olives, lettuce, and tomatoes. It's refreshing, creamy, and everything you could ever want from a taco.

It can also be customized for higher protein with cooked turkey or ground beef or include a dollop of guacamole on top. This taco dip is perfect for serving with your favorite tortilla chips — just don't forget the napkins. 

Recipe: Party-Pleasing Taco Dip

Whipped feta dip

Feta is the refreshing cheese of the summer. And when you combine this salty, yet light, cheese with cream cheese, you get the perfect light accompaniment to crackers or crudités. The process to make this dip couldn't be more straightforward; just add the cheeses together in a food processor with lemon juice, salt, and pepper with a freshly chopped parsley garnish. Besides using it as a dip, this recipe is the perfect spread to spruce up your sandwiches.

Recipe: Whipped Feta Dip

Creamy spinach dip

Move over spinach and artichoke dip, this creamy spinach dip is the new game-day favorite in your household. It's made with frozen-then-thawed spinach, several different types of cheese, and a kick of red pepper flakes. Once the dip is assembled in a baking tray, it's topped with an additional layer of mozzarella for a browned cheesy crust. The dip is best served warm with a generous helping of bread (crunchy French is sublime) or crackers. 

Recipe: Creamy Spinach Dip

Baked feta dip

Did you try the Internet-famous baked feta and tomato pasta? Although the reviews for that recipe were mixed, the consensus for this baked feta dip is favorable. This recipe combines the saltiness of feta with oven-roasted vegetables like tomato, onions, kalamata olives, and garlic. It gives off Mediterranean vibes and is one you'll want to keep on your picnic table all summer long. Plate it with crusty toasted baguettes, pita, crackers, or crudités for a filling, yet light, snack.  

Recipe: Baked Feta Dip 

Spicy black bean dip

The perfect dip has a subtle heat element to it, and this spicy black bean dip doesn't fall short in that department. It can be whipped up in less than five minutes with healthy ingredients like fiber-rich black beans, punchy red onion, tangy lime juice, and spicy jalapeños. The addition of cumin in this recipe also adds warmth without upstaging the other ingredients. This south-of-the-border dip is perfect atop your favorite tortilla chip — we recommend a hint-of-lime chip to help elevate the flavor of the dip to a new level. 

Recipe: Spicy Black Bean Dip

Creamy vegan dill dip

While some dips can be heavy on the palate, fresh ones made with bright summery herbs and ingredients like avocado can provide a lighter alternative. This recipe features the bright and abundant addition of dill and parsley, which is highlighted by a squirt of lemon juice. Unlike other dips, which rely on cheese for a creamy texture, this dip is made from blended avocados for a dairy-free alternative perfect for plant-based eaters or lactose-free folks. The utility of this dip is unmatched; it can be paired with sliced veggies, crackers, or spread on a sandwich. 

Recipe: Creamy Vegan Dill Dip

Creamy buffalo chicken dip

There's no proper football tailgate spread without buffalo wings. This recipe converts the football favorite into a dippable form for less mess and the same classic flavor. It combines cooked chicken, wing sauce, shredded cheese, and a cream cheese base into a baked dip covered in a layer of ranch dressing and chopped green onions. We recommend serving the dip with your favorite chip or sliced veggies for the classic buffalo-and-celery combo. 

Recipe: Creamy Buffalo Chicken Dip

Slow cooker spinach and artichoke dip

This dip has a cult following — and for good reason. It can be thrown together in a crock pot and is ready for serving in just a few hours. Unlike traditional spinach and artichoke dips, this one uses Greek yogurt instead of mayonnaise and sour cream, which both add a tangy element and keeps the dip light. Meanwhile, the artichokes and baby spinach add a delicious vegetal element that makes it easy to eat your greens. Slice up some veggies or open a bag of pita triangles, and you'll have a no-fuss dip ready in no time. 

Recipe: Slow Cooker Spinach and Artichoke Dip

Crave-worthy guacamole

Ordering tableside guacamole at a restaurant is as much of an experience as it is the perfect dip to share with friends over margaritas. This guacamole recipe is upgraded with the spicy addition of dried cayenne pepper instead of the more standard jalapeño. Besides the hot element, you'll find your standard guacamole ingredients like red onion, garlic, lime juice, and the star of the show: the avocado. It can be prepared chunky-style or creamy using a mortar and pestle or a more ubiquitous potato masher. Accompany your guacamole with tortilla chips, stuffed inside of a burrito, or at your next taco night. 

Recipe: Crave-Worthy Guacamole

Elote-style corn dip

This dip is inspired by the flavors of Mexican street corn and designed with a diversity of textures in mind. Every bite includes charred sweet corn, diced red onion, cojita cheese, and lime juice brought together with a summery avocado-based dressing seasoned with tajin. There's no cooking required, and the bites of soft corn and sublime, Mexican-inspired dressing are guaranteed to impress everyone at your gathering or taco night. Stick with the theme and serve the dip with a side of tortilla chips or use it as a topping for your tacos or fajitas.

Recipe: Elote-Style Corn Dip

Avocado tzatkiki dip

Tzatziki is a common spread for gyros and Mediterranean wraps, but this recipe converts it into a dip by adding creamy avocado. It's full of the same familiar flavors of classic tzatziki, like dill, lemon juice, yogurt, and cucumber, but also with a splash of flavors from a few mint sprigs and chopped serrano chilis. You likely won't be able to go back to the same boring tzatziki ever again. This dip can be made a few hours before serving and accompanied by chopped veggies or pita chips. 

Recipe: Avocado Tzatziki Dip

Zesty queso cheese dip

Cheese, cheese, yes please! This dip doesn't fall short of our dairy-ladened dreams. It's made with grated sharp cheddar cheese, milk, butter, and several spicy additions like sour pickled jalapeños, chili powder, and cayenne. It's the perfect back-of-your-mouth heat that can be easily quelled with a salty tortilla chip or a sip of a fruity beverage. We mean it when we say that this dip is addictive and will have you coming back for a couple more spoonfuls. 

Recipe: Zesty Queso Cheese Dip

Simple creamy hummus

Hummus is the quintessential snacking dip. It's packed with proteins and fats to keep you filled up for a long time, and it can be easily customized to include garlic, roasted red peppers, or herbs. This hummus recipe can be made in just a few minutes and only requires your food processor. Once transformed into a spreadable consistency perfect for dipping carrots or pita into, it can be transferred to an airtight container and kept for up to two days. 

Recipe: Simple Creamy Hummus

Kentucky beer cheese

If you go to a Kentucky tavern, you're likely to find a crock of beer cheese on the table. This cheesy dip is made with sharp cheddar and pungent blue cheese, along with a kick from Worcestershire sauce, mustard, vinegar, and its namesake stout beer. Although the flavor of this dip isn't for the faint of heart, it's much milder when spread on rye bread and crackers. It's designed to be served cold, which is ideal for parties and events when you don't want to turn on the oven. 

Recipe: Kentucky Beer Cheese

Smoked trout dip

Pick up some smoked trout for this fishy, flavorful dip on your next trip to the grocery store. It's packed with sour cream, mayonnaise, Parmigiano-Reggiano, and cheddar for a creamy consistency that doesn't skimp on flavor. This dip is baked to help seal in the flavors and is best served with a side of toasted sourdough bread and chive garnish. In a mere 15 minutes, you'll have a sophisticated dip to share at your next event. 

Recipe: Smoked Trout Dip

Fire-roasted salsa

Fire-roasted tomatoes are the easiest ingredient to use to elevate your homemade salsa. You won't have to worry about firing up your oven to crisp up your tomatoes though, instead you can buy a couple cans of fire-roasted tomatoes from your grocery store. In fact, this whole recipe can be made without using the stove; just combine your salsa ingredients in a blender and chill it for at least an hour before serving to allow the flavors to meld a little bit. You can also keep this homemade salsa in your fridge to spread on eggs, tacos, or quesadillas. 

Recipe: Fire-Roasted Salsa

Clam dip

If you love the taste of seafood in the summertime, you'll have to add clam dip to your rotation. This clam dip is made with cooked, succulent littleneck clams and gets its distinct flavor from a squirt of Worcestershire sauce and Tabasco. The ingredients are enveloped in a layer of sour cream, which is the perfect creamy vector for this savory spread. It's best served with thick-cut potato chips and a sprinkle of chives, but we could also get behind a thick piece of sourdough too. 

Recipe: Clam Dip

Caramelized onion dip

No flavor and texture come close to caramelized onions. This dip is chock full of carmies and other alliums like garlic, shallots, scallions, and red onion. It's also unique because it contains porcini mushroom powder, which adds an umami flare, a Dijon mustard aioli, and crème fraîche for the most unctuous texture you've ever consumed. You'll want to keep a couple of breath mints handy for afterward. 

Recipe: Caramelized Onion Dip

Cowboy caviar

Cowboy caviar is an upgraded, more satisfying version of pico de gallo. While pico typically only contains tomatoes and alliums, this recipe contains protein-rich black beans and black-eyed peas, fatty avocado chunks, onions, peppers, and a quick, subtly sweet citrus dressing. This dip can be served as an appetizer, quick snack, or dinner side. You can also customize it to include whatever ingredient you have in your spice cabinet or crisper drawer, like leftover corn, rice, or tomatoes. 

Recipe: Cowboy Caviar 

Tahini goddess dip

Your crudités need this herbaceous, bright dip. It's made with fresh herbs like parsley, mint, and dill, along with a creamy Greek yogurt base. The best part about this dip is the subtle nutty notes from the tahini and the zestiness from the lemon juice. There's no cooking needed for this dip; just add everything to a food processor, chop up your favorite veggies, and plate the dish. It's the perfect dip for lounging in the summer sun or sharing with friends over drinks. 

Recipe: Tahini Goddess Dip

Nam prik ong

Nam prik ong is a Northern Thai dip made with pork, spicy dried chilis, and tomatoes. It's very aromatic and includes other accompaniments like shrimp paste, garlic cloves, and shallots. Although the dip may take you a while to prepare compared to other dips, the outstanding umami undercurrent and heat from the bird's eye chilis will have you scooping back for more. Serve your nam prik ong with chopped veggies and pork rinds — and don't forget to keep a cooling glass of water nearby. 

Recipe: Nam Prik Ong

Tomatillo jam and yogurt dip

This perfect dip has a harmonious melody of spicy and creamy. This dip is made from homemade tomatillo and pepper jam and a Mediterranean-inspired yogurt dip. The jam itself is flavored with two different kinds of peppers and toasted coriander, which complements the nutty note of roasted pistachios and herby cilantro in the yogurt. It's essentially the yin-yang of dips — and one that is guaranteed to be the star of your appetizers. 

Recipe: Tomatillo Jam and Yogurt Dip

Spinach dip with saffron and cream cheese

Have you ever tried saffron? This spice is one of the most elusive and expensive in the world, which is why it's a sophisticated way to elevate a standard spinach dip. But it's worth it — the saffron provides a unique earthy flavor that is supplemented by fresh basil, dill, and parsley. Besides the saffron, the other ingredients in this recipe are relatively inexpensive, like frozen spinach and cream cheese. The dip is best accompanied by sliced vegetables and crackers. 

Recipe: Spinach Dip with Saffron and Cream Cheese

Kentucky Benedictine dip

Although this looks like a boring party dip at first glance, Kentucky Benedictine dip is full of flavor and texture from ingredients like grated cucumber and onion. These veggies are covered in copious layers of cream cheese, mayonnaise, and sour cream, which gives this dip its thick consistency and creamy mouthfeel. Serve it alongside vegetables like fennel, carrots, endives, and jicama, or use it as a flavorful sandwich alternative to plain mayo. 

Recipe: Kentucky Benedictine Dip 

Smoky eggplant with yogurt, mint, and toasted walnuts

This dip is a variation of the Persian borani-e-bademjaan. It's made with roasted eggplant stirred together with Greek yogurt and garnished with an impressive array of walnuts, mint leaves, fried onions, and garlic. The most remarkable part of this dish is the diversity in textures, which provide a novel eating experience when enjoyed with torn pieces of lavash bread. It can also be mixed with Aleppo pepper for a stronger smoked spice element.

Recipe: Smoky Eggplant with Yogurt, Mint, and Toasted Walnuts