When You Don't Have A Bottle Opener, Turn To Your Cutlery Drawer

There's something truly satisfying about popping open a cold beer bottle or soda after a long day, but what if you find yourself without a bottle opener? It's almost as if the universe is playing a cruel joke on you. The refreshing drink is just beyond reach, teasingly contained beneath that pesky metal cap. But fear not, for a solution resides right in your kitchen, more specifically, in your cutlery drawer. Yes, the humble fork or spoon can double as your makeshift bottle opener.

A crucial qualifier for this hack — the fork and spoon in question need to be made of metal. Plastic or wooden counterparts simply won't provide the necessary sturdiness. Moreover, ensure they're robust, not easily bent or broken, for this mission. When these conditions are met, with a touch of creativity and the right technique, you can harness the leverage of these dining essentials to crack open that pesky cap. 

How to open a bottle using regular cutlery

If using a fork, the handle technique is the best method. Start by holding the bottle by its neck using your non-dominant hand, ensuring a firm grip. Your fingers should be right below the metal cap. Now take the fork and place the very end of its handle under the edge of the bottle cap. Push down on the fork's pronged end, using it as a lever while your fingers gripping the bottle act as the fulcrum. The handle's end should lift the cap from the other side. If the metal cap doesn't open on the first try, rotate the bottle slightly and use the levering motion again, moving around the cap's circumference until it pops off.

If what you have at hand is a spoon, there are two techniques you can use. The first is identical to the fork handle method. Use the handle end of the spoon as a hook under the metal cap in the same way to unseal the bottle. An alternative technique is using the bowl end of the spoon. Start by holding the bottle's neck securely as before. Using the curved side, wedge the tip of the spoon right under the cap's edge, then pry the cap upwards using the spoon as a lever. As usual, if the cap doesn't loosen immediately, move around its perimeter, repeating the prying action, until it finally releases.