Hack Your Starbucks Cold Brew With A Chocolate Mousse Twist

The Starbucks secret menu has blessed us with a cereal-inspired cinnamon sugar drink, a Frappuccino that tastes like a Wendy's Frosty, and a refreshing passion tea Frappuccino – but for dedicated chocolate aficionados, it also has a beverage that is sure to satisfy. Enter the Chocolate Mousse Cold Brew, courtesy of Totally the Bomb. While chocolate mousse itself heavily emphasizes the main ingredient, it also typically incorporates heavy cream and a little vanilla extract to achieve a light, airy texture and a slight balance of flavors. The Chocolate Mousse Cold Brew does the same, offering rich chocolatey flavor with a few other sweet additions.

Here's what to order: A venti vanilla sweet cream cold brew with two pumps of vanilla syrup, instead of the three it comes with. Then add four pumps of mocha sauce and a chocolate cold foam on top, and ask for two pumps of mocha sauce in the cold foam. Finally, request the cookie crumble topping, which is the same as what you'll find on a Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino. And there you have it — a rich, chocolate mousse-inspired drink that goes heavy on the chocolate and light on the vanilla.

How to customize your Chocolate Mousse Cold Brew

While the aforementioned formula is the secret menu recipe for the Chocolate Mousse Cold Brew, feel free to modify your drink so that it fits your taste buds. If you'd like to scale back on the vanilla and amp up the chocolate flavor even more, for example, remove all the vanilla syrup pumps and replace them with extra mocha sauce. You can even try lining your cup with mocha sauce or adding a mocha drizzle on top of your beverage. And if the vanilla sweet cream splash is too much for you, substitute it with a splash of any of Starbucks' creamer options, including oat, nonfat, and soy milk.

On the flip side, you can add a little more vanilla flavor by replacing the chocolate cold foam with the vanilla sweet cream cold foam, or turn your drink into even more of a dessert by swapping out the cold foam with whipped cream. Or, keep the original formula as is and add in a scoop of vanilla bean powder. And if you're craving a Chocolate Mousse Cold Brew Frappuccino? Just order the same drink, but ask for it to be blended. You'll get that light and airy texture reminiscent of the real dessert.