The Starbucks Secret Menu Frappuccino For Passion Tea Lovers

Starbucks' secret menus are the stuff of legends. Though they're not really "secret" per se, there's something thrilling about ordering a delicious drink that's not on the official menu. For all you passion lovers out there craving a sweet and refreshing beverage to beat the July heat, we've got just the thing: the Passion Tea Frappuccino.

Sure, Starbucks has been offering regular Iced Passion Tea on its menu since 2016. But if you're a fan of this drink after having it for years, you may want to think of getting yourself an upgrade. By fortifying it with milk and cream, the result is a Passion Tea Frappuccino that has a rich, creamy texture while preserving the sweet taste of passion at the core of the drink.

The recipe to tell your barista is simple enough. Start with, of course, the Iced Passion Tea. Then, tell them to add milk, three pumps of classic syrups to bring out the sweetness of the drink, and a crème base to give the drink a smooth texture. Top with whipped cream and ice, and voilà — you got yourself a Passion Tea Frappuccino.

How to customize your Frapp to your taste

The best part about this Passion Tea Frappuccino recipe is its versatility. If you're a vegan or following a dairy-free or lactose-free diet, simply swap the milk for a plant-based alternative like soy or almond milk and leave off the whipped cream.

If you're watching your weight, there's a nifty spin that you can make to this recipe to make it less calorie-dense. The original recipe calls for three pumps of classic syrup, which contains a total of 60.5 calories. You can shave it down to one or two pumps only, meaning a reduction of around 20 to 40 calories in the drink. You can cut down a further 80 to 110 calories by taking out the whipped cream. Unfortunately, there's no sugar-free version of the classic syrup, so unless you're willing to do some experimentation with some of Starbucks' sugar-free syrups, there's no alternative.

Starbucks passion tea is 100% caffeine-free. But, if you crave a little pick-me-up alongside your fruity delight, you can tell the barista to add a few shots of espresso or Frappuccino Roast to the drink.