Every Starbucks Syrup Flavor, Ranked Worst To Best

Starbucks boasts an expansive and impressive menu. From teas to lattes, cappuccinos, and even Frappuccinos, the coffee brand caters to many taste preferences. One of the remarkable aspects of Starbucks is the ability to personalize your beverage according to your liking. Not a fan of the milk in your drink? You can swap it for a heavier alternative or a plant-based option. Craving a more potent flavor? Request additional pumps of your preferred syrup. And if you're feeling adventurous, why not introduce a new flavor dimension by adding another flavor of syrup to your drink?

As avid Starbucks patrons, we are fond of experimenting with the various syrups on offer. However, through our years of beverage exploration, we've discovered that not all syrups are created equal. Some stand out as versatile champions, enhancing a broad spectrum of drinks, while others tend to gather dust due to their niche appeal.

When evaluating Starbucks syrups, we weigh a couple of critical factors. We examine how a syrup performs solo in a drink. Does it bring a delightful flavor, or does it fade into the background? We also assess its versatility: Can it enhance multiple Starbucks drinks, or is it restricted to a few specific ones? Of course, the potency of flavor is a key factor as well; we're always in search of syrups that deliver a robust taste.

18. Toasted Vanilla

We are absolutely obsessed with the Iced Brown Sugar Oatmilk Shaken Espresso at Starbucks, so we were thrilled when the coffee chain decided to add another flavor to the line-up. And then we tasted the syrup. Toasted Vanilla tastes like it wants to be almost a sweeter marshmallow flavor, but the result just tastes very thick. It almost reminds us of what the Fireside candle at Bath & Body Works would taste like if you decided to take a nibble.

Unfortunately, this one had so much potential, but it is just not our favorite. If you're looking for that smoothness, enjoy the brown sugar syrup instead — we love it a lot more, and think you'll find it an easier, tastier addition to your drink.

17. Sugar-Free Vanilla

Sugar-Free Vanilla stands as the lone option in Starbucks' sugar-free syrup territory. At one time, there were a whole collection of sugar-free syrups you could choose to craft that perfect "skinny" latte with sugar-free syrup and low-fat milk. If you're seeking a flavor boost in your coffee without the accompanying sugar, this is a viable contender. However, like many sugar-free offerings, it carries a slight aftertaste, a characteristic that some may find less than appealing.

In terms of flavor strength, it mirrors its regular Vanilla counterpart, leaving us longing for a more pronounced vanilla essence. Although it's a step in the right direction for those watching their sugar intake, we can't help but wish for a bolder, more vibrant flavor that truly captures the rich, creamy notes of vanilla.

16. Honey Blend

If you're a fan of adding honey to your coffee and achieving that golden level of sweetness, the Honey Blend syrup may pique your interest. However, you'll want to temper your expectations here. Although it sounds promising, we have found that it falls a bit short when compared to the rich taste of genuine honey.

That's not to say the Honey Blend syrup doesn't have its benefits. It does mix into drinks with remarkable ease, speeding up drink preparation and eliminating the sticky hassle associated with real honey. However, if it's the regular honey flavor you're seeking, there's no substitute for the real deal. The rich depth and natural sweetness of authentic honey surpass this syrup, in our opinion. But if convenience is a priority, then the Honey Blend syrup could be an alternative worth considering. If you're hoping to try it, we recommend the Honey Almondmilk Flat White.

15. Cane Sugar

The Cane Sugar syrup is a delightful variant that shares some similarities with the classic syrup, yet it carries its own unique charm. Unlike the clear Classic syrup, this one boasts a brown hue. It offers a taste profile that feels purer and less artificial, subtly sweet.

Interestingly, on the Starbucks app, the Cane Sugar syrup is listed under "sweeteners" rather than "syrups," reflecting its primary goal: to sweeten, not flavor. It's an excellent choice for enhancing a range of beverages like your favorite iced tea, Refreshers, lemonades, or even iced coffees. The Cane Sugar syrup adds a gentle touch of sweetness that complements these drinks wonderfully without overshadowing their distinct flavors. Though we know it's pretty similar to the Classic syrup, we find that we still prefer the Classic syrup over this Cane Sugar syrup.

14. Classic

Classic syrup is truly the everyday hero of the Starbucks menu. An indispensable sweetener, it smoothly enhances the flavors of your drinks without seizing undue attention. Think of it as the equivalent of a spoonful of sugar in your coffee: a staple, yet understated. Its unique advantage lies in how effortlessly it dissolves in your beverage, providing a smooth texture without the grittiness often associated with granulated sugar. Its secret weapon is its versatility. The Classic syrup elegantly slips into the background when added to iced tea, lending a touch of sweetness without changing the intrinsic tea flavor.

But every hero has its Achilles' heel, and for Classic syrup, it's the lack of excitement. While it's reliable and dependable, it's still just liquid sugar, so it lacks a certain sparkle in the sweetness department. Sometimes you need an extra pump or two to hit that perfect sweet spot.

13. Chestnut Praline

When seeking a holiday drink with a gentler flavor profile, consider pairing your espresso and milk with the Chestnut Praline syrup. Crafted to recall the nostalgic aroma of chestnuts roasting over an open fire or the warm taste of a nutty, burnt-sugar dessert, this syrup offers a comforting warmth that hints at cookie-like sweetness.

Unfortunately, the Chestnut Praline syrup is a winter exclusive, so its availability is limited to the festive drinks season. This seasonal constraint is our primary drawback, as we'd love to enjoy this flavor year-round.

Given its milder nature and restrained sweetness, we recommend pairing this syrup with Starbucks' blonde espresso roast rather than the more robust regular roast. The result? A smoother, creamier drink that harmonizes beautifully with the Chestnut Praline syrup. This blend provides a delightful balance, allowing you to fully appreciate the subtle charm of this seasonal treat.

12. Sugar Cookie

If you're the type who prefers their coffee with a dessert-like twist, the Sugar Cookie syrup, a festive feature during the holiday season, might pique your interest. We've found it adds a delightful touch to iced coffee, infusing the drink with a cookie-like sweetness.

However, a word of caution: This syrup leans towards the sweeter end of the spectrum, possibly a touch too sweet for some. If you're sensitive about super-sweet beverages, we recommend requesting your barista to use half the usual number of pumps when incorporating this into your beverage. This helps moderate the sweetness, letting you enjoy the syrup's unique flavor without it being overwhelming. For syrup pairings, we like pairing this one with cinnamon dolce for something like a snickerdoodle cookie latte, and we love it as an iced latte, too, but your mileage may vary.

11. Apple Brown Sugar

The odd thing about Starbucks' Apple Brown Sugar syrup is that the syrup is quite good, but the execution and how it's included in drinks is not. For instance, its integration into the Apple Brown Sugar Macchiatos may not be to everyone's liking. Yet when it's a supporting player rather than the main star, like if you add it to a chai latte, it takes on a whole new feel.

True to its name, the syrup delivers a sweet cinnamon apple flavor that can bring an autumnal twist to your drink. For those who appreciate the fruity tang of apple in their coffee, this syrup might hit the mark. However, we found it truly excels when added to milder beverages devoid of any bitter undertones, which explains our fondness for it in chai.

The Apple Brown Sugar syrup also works wonders when blended into a Vanilla Bean Frappuccino. This blend brings forward a delightful fusion of creamy vanilla, warm cinnamon, and sweet apple, resulting in a drink that's both refreshing and satisfying.

10. Peppermint

Among seasonal delights, the Peppermint Mocha stands as a favorite, embodying the holiday spirit in each sip. Imagine a decadent chocolate-coated candy cane transforming into a delightful beverage — that's the essence of this festive treat. The holiday season feels incomplete without indulging in this vibrant drink at least once. However, it's worth noting that this joyous syrup isn't just a winter privilege; it's accessible throughout the year. And its use extends beyond the confines of the beloved Peppermint Mocha. Try infusing your teas or other beverages with its lively notes for an invigorating twist.

While some syrups at Starbucks may err on the side of subtlety, Peppermint Syrup can be a bit too assertive, offering a flavor punch that might not be to everyone's liking. This syrup stands alone for those with a strong affinity for a pronounced, almost toothpaste-like peppermint taste.

9. Cinnamon Dolce

For all the Cinnamon Toast Crunch enthusiasts out there, the Cinnamon Dolce Syrup will surely strike a familiar, delightful chord. This syrup melds the inviting warmth of cinnamon with a smooth vanilla essence and a subtle buttery hint that adds an unexpected depth. While it's delightfully enjoyable solo, it truly soars when paired with White Chocolate Mocha Sauce. This combination in your White Chocolate Mocha results in a luxuriously rich, dessert-like coffee that will undoubtedly satisfy your sweet tooth.

Despite its delectable flavor profile, Cinnamon Dolce Syrup sometimes yearns for a little companion to complete the taste experience. It's as though the drinks that feature only this syrup need an extra hint of flavor to feel fully indulgent, so while we like it, we think this syrup is best enjoyed with another flavor.

8. Hazelnut

Hazelnut, with its rich, buttery essence and inviting warmth, pairs like a dream with chocolate. Picture the iconic duo of flavors in Nutella. If you're a fan, and if you're anything like us, you'll know the appeal. This nutty charm translates brilliantly into the world of coffee, especially when added to Starbucks' iced or hot mochas. The fusion of chocolate and hazelnut brings a delectable depth and complexity that's hard to resist.

However, much like Cinnamon Dolce, Hazelnut syrup shares a similar predicament. As delightful as it is solo, there's a lingering sensation of incompleteness without that luxurious touch of mocha. Sure, hazelnut is delicious on its own, but it will always feel like it is missing something without that mocha taste, in our estimation.

7. Raspberry

Starbucks dropped a flavor bombshell with the announcement that Raspberry Syrup, a beloved addition to various beverages, would be bowing out of the syrup lineup. Yet we've spotted this syrup lingering in several stores, making its farewell timeline a bit hazy. This syrup, the lone fruit-forward member in the Starbucks flavor brigade, has always been a refreshing addition to tea drinks and Refreshers. It particularly shines in a Peach Green Tea but also plays an unexpectedly delightful role in a mocha.

However, the ambiguity surrounding its final curtain call does create a certain hesitancy for us. The thought of becoming overly attached to this syrup, only to have it vanish, is a bit exhausting. If you've ever savored the Raspberry Syrup, you'll likely empathize with our bittersweet sentiments.

6. Toffeenut

Toffeenut syrup is a real treat when it comes to flavor enhancement, particularly in a Mocha Frappuccino. With its smooth, buttery, and slightly nutty taste, it's reminiscent of a scrumptious toffee candy bar. This syrup strikes a fantastic balance in flavor intensity, deftly complementing other sauces and ingredients.

It truly excels when whipped up in the creamy whirl of a Frappuccino but also lends a delightful flavor when shaken with espresso or blended into a Cafe Mocha. For an elevated sweet sensation, consider pairing Toffeenut with Caramel syrup in a latte. These two syrups harmonize beautifully, creating a taste duo that's simply irresistible.

However, much like other syrups, Toffeenut doesn't stand as boldly when used solo. Its strength lies in its ability to blend with other flavors, enhancing their profiles. While it might not be our top pick for standalone use, it certainly shines as a versatile addition to various drinks, adding a touch of sweet, nutty sophistication.

5. Vanilla

Beyond the Classic syrup, one of the most versatile options is the Vanilla syrup. It demonstrates impressive adaptability across the menu, pairing well with a variety of beverages like hot and iced coffees, cappuccinos, Frappuccinos, and even brewed coffee. It imparts a subtly sweet vanilla flavor that, while we wouldn't mind a tad more intensity, is likely appreciated for its delicate touch by many customers.

Vanilla syrup is an excellent choice for those seeking a flavor that brings a touch of sweetness and a bit of character to their beverage without overpowering its innate flavors. This balance is what makes it a staple among the syrups and a crowd-pleaser for Starbucks patrons. Its ability to subtly enhance the taste of your chosen drink without overwhelming the palette truly sets it apart. For something a little different, try adding Vanilla syrup to your next Matcha Crème Frappuccino.

4. Irish Cream

Despite its exceptionally smooth taste that might trick you into thinking it's a rich, dairy-infused sauce, the Irish Cream syrup at Starbucks is, in fact, a dairy-free syrup. It may not evoke the same festive notes as other beverages in Starbucks' winter lineup, yet it holds a special place in our hearts — not for its holiday associations, but for its sheer deliciousness.

This syrup stands confidently on its own, requiring no additional syrups as backup, and it manages to charm our taste buds each time. It carries an elegance in its simplicity, and its ability to transform a coffee into a smooth, creamy delight is quite impressive. It can round out cold brews and nitros and is great when added to simple lattes.

If we had it our way, we'd love for the Irish Cream syrup to grace the Starbucks' menu year-round. Its delightful flavor profile surely warrants more than a seasonal cameo.

3. Macadamia

Macadamia, a fairly recent addition to the syrup selections, brings an intriguing, nutty twist to the table. Its debut was timed perfectly for the summer season, featuring prominently in the White Chocolate Macadamia Cream Cold Brew concoction. Whether it'll become a permanent fixture post-summer is yet to be seen, but we're certainly crossing our fingers for it to stick around. The Macadamia syrup offers a velvety touch reminiscent of a delightful macadamia nut cookie. But where it truly takes the spotlight is in harmony with the coffee shop's White Mocha sauce, creating a luxurious blend that is sure to tantalize your taste buds.

That said, if we had to pick a bone with this syrup, it would be its subtle flavor. For a syrup named after such a distinctive nut, we find the macadamia essence a bit too understated. A stronger, more pronounced macadamia taste would elevate it from delightful to downright irresistible.

2. Brown Sugar

If you haven't experienced the luxurious taste of brown sugar melted into your coffee, you're seriously missing out on a delightful flavor adventure. Brown Sugar syrup, a popular alternative to its Classic or Cane Sugar counterparts, offers a similarly sweet note yet with an added depth that makes it stand out. Its profile finds a special home in autumn-inspired beverages, effortlessly complementing the warm, comforting flavors of the season. For a lovely taste experience, try it in a Caramel Apple Spice, dividing the sweetening duty between this syrup and the traditional Cinnamon Dolce, a blend we wholeheartedly recommend.

The true charm of the Brown Sugar syrup resides in its straightforwardness. Its ability to blend seamlessly with a variety of drinks makes it a versatile and much-loved addition to the Starbucks syrup family. Whether you're experimenting with shaken espressos or crafting your own latte, Brown Sugar syrup promises a delightful twist to your caffeine indulgences.

1. Caramel

If you're yearning for an extra dose of sweetness that stirs nostalgic memories of Grandma's treasured candies or gooey pastries, the Caramel syrup at Starbucks is your dream come true. Let's be clear, though; this is not about the caramel drizzle that elegantly tops your favorite Frappuccinos and Caramel Macchiatos. Instead, we're singing praises of the one that does the heavy lifting in flavoring those beverages: the syrup that infuses the very essence of caramel flavor into your drink, not just the glossy finale on top. The Caramel syrup is the rock star flavoring the actual liquid of your drink.

And truth be told, when it comes to flavor-packed syrups, this one easily steals the show for us. There's something uniquely comforting about its smooth mixture with coffee, delivering a velvety experience that equally satisfies both hot and cold concoctions.