A Danish Dough Whisk Is The Key To Evenly Mixed Baked Goods

A wooden spoon, metal balloon whisk, or a KitchenAid stand mixer are common kitchen tools to mix the dough for your baked goods, but we think a Danish dough mixer is far superior. At a glance, this tool might look like it was mangled at the bottom of the dishwasher because it has an awkward-looking design with three to four metal loops. But that's exactly how the mixer is meant to look, and that is why it works well for evenly and quickly mixing dough for breads, cakes, and muffins.

It's known as a "brodpisker" in Denmark, and some refer to it as a dough whisk. It might be a new kitchen tool to you, but it's been used by bakers for generations in Denmark and around the world. The most common Danish dough whisks are made of a flat, circular piece of rigid metal wire with loops that almost resemble an eye that's attached to a long, wooden handle. The design is what prevents food from getting stuck onto the tool, and helps it move through the toughest of mixtures with little effort compared to a traditional whisk you're probably more used to.

How a Danish dough whisk works

One of the perks of using a Danish dough whisk is that dough doesn't get stuck to the tool, which means it's easier to clean, and you won't be left with scraping dough from a spoon or balloon whisk. It also prevents you from using your bare hands or wasting a pair of gloves to mix the dough, both of which are annoying and messy baking techniques. But, believe it or not, cleanliness isn't the only reason why it's a favorite kitchen tool of so many bakers and cooks.

Its unique design also allows the wires to cut into the dough and scrap along the bowl as you mix, so it eliminates pockets of flour that usually get stuck on the sides or bottom. And if you're mixing dried fruit or nuts into the dough, it evenly distributes those ingredients throughout the mixture. The thick wires are also strong enough to cut through tough that might be too tough for you to cut with a knife by hand, and who doesn't love a multi-use kitchen tool to make life easier? If those weren't enough reasons to add a Danish dough wish to your utensil drawer, it's also a great tool for mixing thick soups and stews or a pot of cheesy grits.