18 Candy Recipes To Make Your Fall So Much Sweeter

There's something about fall that piques our desire for a sweet treat, though perhaps that's just what happens when the season of Halloween creeps upon us. Sure, it's a given that kids and adults alike might enjoy a piece of candy (or several) come Halloween evening, but what about the rest of the season? There's no better time to enjoy a sweet, comforting treat than when the temperatures are dropping, so if full-fledged cakes and baked goods seem like too much of a commitment, then candy is a much simpler, equally sweet option.

Fans of fudge will love these candy recipes, though there are also plenty of non-chocolate candies to join in on the fun. Whether you've always wanted to make candy apples from scratch or your sweet tooth has been craving toffee, there's a confection out there for everyone, and you don't have to rely on store-bought stuff to get your fix. These candy recipes will certainly get you in the fall spirit, and they just might inspire the menu for your Halloween or fall-themed party, too.

1. Old-Fashioned Toffee

Toffee may not be the first candy you would think to reach for, but one bite of this sweet, salty treat will soon have you reaching for more and more. Not only does this old-fashioned toffee recipe combine sweet and salty elements, but it also incorporates plenty of crunchy elements to create some exciting textural contrast. Between the pecans, the smooth caramel-like layer, and the sweet chocolate on top, this toffee certainly doesn't skimp on flavor.

For those who want to avoid turning on their oven, this recipe is also a winner in that respect. You will have to do some light stovetop cooking, but the rest of the recipe comes down to assembling the toffee layers, giving it time to harden, then cracking it up and enjoying. 

Recipe: Old-Fashioned Toffee

2. Chocolate Turtles

Pecan lovers everywhere are likely very familiar with chocolate turtles, and even if you aren't familiar with the nutty, chocolatey delight, one look will explain the name. No, no turtles are harmed in the making of chocolate turtles, though the finished treat will no doubt conjure up images of the beloved reptile with the pecan feet and chocolate shell. 

Though turtles are something of an old-fashioned candy shop staple, it's actually quite easy to make the treat right in your own home. In fact, it all comes down to making a quick caramel sauce, layering that onto halved pecans, and then topping the whole thing off with some melted chocolate (no fancy step required there — just microwaving chocolate chips will do the trick). You'll need to have some patience as the turtles sit and harden, but the crunchy, sweet delight will no doubt heal all of your waiting woes.

Recipe: Chocolate Turtles

3. Homemade Lemon Rock Candy

If you've ever perused the aisles of a candy store, there's a good chance you've come across the mind-boggling, crystal-like confection that is rock candy. Though it looks like something that grew in a cave, rock candy is actually one of the simplest types of candy out there; unsurprisingly, it's made almost entirely of sugar, though this homemade recipe also incorporates lemon juice for a light, refreshing lemon flavor.

While it's not particularly difficult to make homemade rock candy, it does require the clever use of wooden clothespins to keep the skewers suspended in liquid. This is a great recipe to make with kids, as it's something like a science experiment that yields a sweet, crunchy result. 

Recipe: Homemade Lemon Rock Candy

4. Easy Buckeyes

Chocolate buckeyes may have a close association with Ohio, but you can actually make the classic chocolate-peanut butter treat in any state, or any country for that matter. Not only can you make buckeyes anywhere, but you certainly should be making them as often as possible — requiring just five ingredients and no bake or cook time, these easy confections are a no-brainer when you're craving something sweet. 

This recipe is especially ideal for those who need dessert pronto. You only have to let the peanut butter balls chill for 30 minutes, and when it comes time to dip them in melted chocolate, you won't have to worry about waiting for the chocolate to harden right away — the reaction will happen immediately, thanks to the cold peanut butter. 

Recipe: Easy Buckeyes

5. Kentucky Bourbon Balls

These Kentucky bourbon balls are kind of like cookies, but they're much denser, best enjoyed cold, and of course, feature a boozy kick. If you've ever enjoyed chocolate and bourbon together, then you already know how well the flavors work together, and those bourbon balls really highlight the unexpected but dynamic duo.

While you will have to turn on the oven to toast the pecans, which add a nice crunch to these treats, you don't have to worry about baking the bourbon balls themselves. The hardest part of this recipe is waiting for the pecans to soak in the bourbon, which ensures that each and every bite will have plenty of bourbon-infused goodness, especially if your bite happens to have a pecan in it. 

Recipe: Kentucky Bourbon Balls

6. Salted Caramel Almond Pecan Pralines

Why enjoy a praline with only pecans when you could throw almonds into the mix as well? Thanks to this recipe, you don't have to pick favorites when it comes to nuts; you can enjoy both almonds and pecans, delightfully dispersed in a sweet, buttery praline coating.

If you've never enjoyed a praline before, then you might think it'll break a tooth if you try to bite into it. While pralines do have a crunchiness about them, especially with the inclusion of two types of nuts, they're also a bit chewy, making for a textural treat that won't end in an emergency trip to the dentist.

Recipe: Salted Caramel Almond Pecan Pralines

7. Simple Candied Walnuts

We'll be the first to admit that plain old walnuts really aren't very exciting. Sure, they might make for a good salad topper or add some crunch to your brownies, but few people are snacking on plain walnuts and calling it a day.

The same cannot be said for candied walnuts, however, as the simple sugary upgrade suddenly makes walnuts into something much more desirable. This recipe calls for candying the nuts in butter, coconut sugar, and a dash of cinnamon — the result is a warm, sweet, crunchy treat that just screams fall. Now, these are walnuts that you'll want to enjoy as a snack, though they will also work just as well in your favorite recipes or as a salad garnish.

Recipe: Simple Candied Walnuts

8. Classic Fudge

There are quite a few ways to make fudge, and perhaps more importantly, there are nearly endless variations that you could make to any given recipe. If you're the type who likes to keep things classic, however, then this fudge recipe is just what you're looking for. 

While you could get creative and top off this fudge with sprinkles or fold nuts into the mix, this recipe doesn't otherwise call for any frills or unusual flavors. Chocolate is the most dominant flavor here, and other ingredients like marshmallow creme and evaporated milk add to the sweetness and give the fudge that, well, fudgey texture. Best of all, this recipe yields lots of fudge (we're talking more than 100 pieces), so it's ideal for pleasing a crowd.

Recipe: Classic Fudge

9. Simple Candied Ginger

On its own, ginger isn't something that most people are casually snacking on. You might incorporate ginger into a curry, eat a small slice as a palate cleanser between sushi servings, or brew up a cup of ginger tea, but just peeling ginger and taking a big ol' bite off the root? That certainly wouldn't be the tastiest bite in the world, but if you are the type of person who absolutely loves ginger and you're looking for ways to cut out the middlemen, then perhaps this simple candied ginger recipe will suffice.

By candying tiny pieces of ginger, you're not only adding quite a bit of sweetness, but you're also tempering that ultra-spicy flavor without completely diluting it. The result is a snackable candy that has much more flavor depth than your typical sweet treat.

Recipe: Simple Candied Ginger

10. Chocolate-Cinnamon Brigadeiro

Brigadeiro is a type of Brazilian sweet treat not all too different from a truffle. Sort of like a cookie but mostly like a chocolatey candy, brigadeiros are incredibly easy to make and will no doubt satisfy your sweet tooth. 

There's very little cooking involved when it comes to make brigadeiros, and though it'd be logical to assume that baking might come into play at some point, your oven will actually go unused for this recipe. Instead, you'll make the truffle batter — which consists of butter, cocoa powder, sweetened condensed milk, and cinnamon — on the stovetop, then you'll let the batter chill in the fridge until it gets nice and fudgy. From there, it's just a matter of rolling the chocolate batter into balls, and you definitely don't want to forget the chocolate sprinkles as a final garnish.

Recipe: Chocolate-Cinnamon Brigadeiro 

11. Stovetop Candied Pecans

If you can't step foot into a carnival without inevitably finding yourself at the candied nuts vendor, then do yourself a favor and make this recipe, which is much better than anything you might find at the fair. These stovetop candied pecans are as fresh as can be, and unlike many recipes that require upwards of an hour to roast the nuts in the oven, the stovetop method will have you enjoying crispy, crunchy pecans in less than 30 minutes.

Not only are these pecans candied, but there's also cinnamon in the mix, adding warmth that is perfectly suited for autumn. These snack-worthy pecans are great on their own, though they would also work well in banana bread, brownies, on a charcuterie board, or as a salad topper.

Recipe: Stovetop Candied Pecans

12. 3-Ingredient Dairy-Free Fudge

There's a whole lot to love about this fudge recipe; for starters, it requires a mere three ingredients. Second, making the fudge couldn't be easier — the most cooking you'll do is combine the ingredients on the stovetop for about 5 minutes. And lastly, though most importantly of all, this recipe is dairy-free, so lactose-intolerant and vegan folks everywhere can rejoice over this delightful confection.

The key to making this a dairy-free candy recipe is in the sweetened condensed milk — it's not just any milk, it's coconut milk. You'll also need to make sure to grab dairy-free chocolate, but just about any type of semi-sweet or dark chocolate should check that box. Then, the only difficult party is waiting for the fudge to set, but it's a small price to pay for such an innovative little treat.

Recipe: 3-Ingredient Dairy-Free Fudge

13. Classic Peanut Brittle

Peanut brittle may not be the most popular candy in the world, but for those who love the taste of peanuts, it can be downright irresistible. We have a feeling that you'll find this classic peanut brittle to be in the irresistible category — and if peanuts are already in your snack rotation, why not upgrade to this sweet treat instead?

Between the crunchy roasted nuts and the peanut butter-infused, toffee-like brittle, this is the type of candy that you might find yourself reaching for all throughout the day. Even better yet, because the finished brittle keeps at room temperature, you could package up some of your homemade confection and hand it out as a gift.

Recipe: Classic Peanut Brittle

14. Easy Candy Apples

Have you ever bitten into a candy apple at the carnival only to discover that the apple itself is mushy and borderline rotting on the inside? It's an all-too-common occurrence that is nearly impossible to avoid, seeing as there's no way to know what might lurk beneath a candy apple's decorated exterior. Luckily, there is one way to ensure that your candy apple is perfectly palatable all the way down to the core — make them yourself!

Believe it or not, you only need five ingredients to make sweet, crunchy candy apples in your own kitchen. You'll start with apples, of course, and you can make sure that you've got the freshest batch possible by checking for any bruises or soft spots. The rest of the recipe essentially comes down to heating up water and sugar to just the right temperature, then you'll dunk your apples, give the candy a chance to harden, and voila — a taste of the carnival, right at home.

Recipe: Easy Candy Apples

15. Easy Fantasy Fudge

Do you fantasize about fudge? If so, don't worry — you're not alone, and this fantasy fudge recipe is here to satisfy your deepest, well, fantasies. As it turns out, fantasy fudge is quite a bit like classic fudge, though it does incorporate marshmallow fluff and chopped walnuts into the mix, adding some interesting textural elements to the chocolatey goodness.

Much like most fudge recipes out there, this recipe requires minimal cooking, and most time spent will be waiting for the fudge to set. One bite of this silky smooth candy will have you wondering why you ever went with classic recipes when fantasy fudge has been an option this whole time.

Recipe: Easy Fantasy Fudge

16. Orange-Cardamom Chocolate Truffles

If you've ever enjoyed a chocolate truffle before, then you know that there are very few types of candy quite as rich, dense, and decadent. Even better yet the truffle also features notes of orange and cardamom, which is exactly the treat you'll yield with this recipe. 

While the thought of including both cardamom and orange might seem a bit overwhelming for a truffle, fear not — you'll only infuse the flavors in, so they'll definitely be noticeable, but they won't overpower the treat. The orange flavor will come through thanks to orange peels, whereas you'll get the cardamom flavor from cracked pods. After infusing the flavor, you'll strain the chocolate itself so that you're left with a silky-smooth ganache. After spending some time chilling in the fridge, you'll then roll the ganache into balls, then roll the balls in cocoa powder, then you'll have homemade truffles and some impressive ones at that.

Recipe: Orange-Cardamom Chocolate Truffles

17. Chocolate Almond Bark

Chocolate and nuts go together like peanut butter and jelly, but if there were one type of nut that really complements the flavor of chocolate best, we think it'd be the humble almond. Almonds are somewhat of an understated nut, not too nutty or robust, but plenty rich and salty — the perfect flavor combo to pair with smooth, sweet chocolate. 

This chocolate almond bark recipe combines the two ingredients effortlessly and with very little effort; in fact, the active prep time for this recipe is but a mere 5 minutes. The crunchy candy treat makes for a good afternoon snack or midday pick-me-up, though it also works well as a dessert to quiet down your post-dinner sweet tooth. And, this bark will last up to two weeks after you make it, so you might even consider packaging it up and handing it out to family, friends, or coworkers.

Recipe: Chocolate Almond Bark

18. Old-Fashioned Peanut Butter Fudge

Most people associate fudge with milk or dark chocolate, and for pretty good reason — nearly any fudge recipe you come across is going to have chocolate somewhere in the ingredients list. We can't exactly say that this old-fashioned peanut butter fudge recipe is the exception because there is white chocolate in the ingredients list, but chocolate really isn't the star of the show here.

As the name of the recipe suggests, peanut butter takes center stage as the most prominent flavor in this candy. White chocolate chips and sweetened condensed milk help give the fudge that classic sweetness and consistency, but just a single bite will prove that peanut butter deserves a more prominent spot in the candy and dessert-sphere.

Recipe: Old-Fashioned Peanut Butter Fudge