Use Candy Canes To Make The Easiest Heart-Shaped Chocolates

Whether you're making treats for Valentine's Day or want to surprise a friend, we have an easy decorating hack that can help take your homemade candies to an aesthetically pleasing presentation with little effort. Using candy canes, you can fashion adorable chocolate hearts to serve to loved ones while feeling one step closer to a professional baker in the comfort of your own kitchen.

Candy canes eliminate the need for molds or chocolate shapes, and the quick assembly can have you wrapping sweet treats — or enjoying them for yourself — in no time. You'll need wax or parchment paper to put these beauties together and be sure you have plenty of candy canes you don't mind breaking in two. After separating candy canes, mirror the shapes to form hearts and set the matching pieces onto a covered baking sheet. The space in between the candy canes will be the spot where you'll pour your homemade mixture of chocolate to harden and dry.

A sweet full of love

Baking your chosen flavor of candy canes for a few minutes prior to filling them with chocolate can help create a sturdier base for your sweet treats. 

Once warmed, the candy canes can be set together to create a firmer structure for your melted chocolate of choice. Simply pour the mixture into the center of the heart-shaped candy rings and place the filled shapes into your fridge to cool and set. If you'd like to add extra toppings — chocolate shavings, toasted coconut, sprinkles, or candy pieces — to the top of your heart-shaped treats, do so before placing the assembled candies into the fridge. 

Wrap these cute sweets in pretty paper or store them in an airtight container to enjoy later on. While the appearance of these homemade candies can brighten a rainy afternoon, the taste of the sweet morsels guarantees an immediate smile. These treats say love without you needing to whisper a word.