Give The Bread A Cinnamon Sugar Upgrade For A Delicious Twist On Grilled Cheese

Grilled cheese is one of those satisfying dishes of simple comfort, yet even a tried-and-true recipe can benefit from a bit of culinary creativity. Instead of preparing the usual savory treat to eat, embrace the sweeter side of the sandwich's potential with butter, cinnamon, and sugar. If you enjoy the easy comfort of toasted bread slathered in butter and sprinkled with a mixture of cinnamon and sugar, you'll be sure to dig this gooier, cheesier version. 

It might sound strange but coating your bread in a sizzling, bubbly blend of butter, cinnamon, and sugar can provide a new twist on the classic cheese sandwich. This is a treat that can be enjoyed any time of the day, as a reward, snack, or pre-dinner warm-up that offers a sweet bite before more substantial dishes are served. First, pick your choice of bread to slice, get your pan warm on the stovetop, and ready your tastebuds for a trip to Flavortown.

A sweet surprise

When preparing this version of grilled cheese, experiment with pairing different cheeses and types of bread to master the flavor combination that suits your palate. Trust the process. Try using an English muffin or cinnamon raisin bread and melting sharp cheddar or creamy brie to make your sandwich, and instead of using butter, you can also consider making this sandwich with ghee, as warm, caramel notes can complement the sweetness of your sugary-cinnamon delight. 

It is helpful to mix the sugar and cinnamon prior to adding them to your sandwich, and if the combination is too sweet for your liking, you can include crushed herbs like rosemary, basil, or ground black pepper to even out the tasting notes of your snack or meal. Consider this your permission to get fancy. To turn all of the flavor dials up, simply sprinkle crunchy flakes of sea salt as a garnish for your sandwich, and enjoy this unique take on a comforting family favorite.