The Best Type Of Bread For Melty Grilled Cheese On The Go

Bread is the foundation of any good sandwich. Get this staple wrong and it doesn't matter what you layer in between. This is especially true with everyone's favorite grilled cheese. Grilled cheese sandwiches are incredibly delicious and versatile with many ways to customize this simple meal to satisfy even the most sophisticated palate. But what we really love about this sandwich, and any variation of this handheld meal for that matter, is the fact that you can take it anywhere. But believe it or not, when you are in a rush and need to take your grilled cheese to nibble on in the car, you are going to want to use an English muffin to make this sandwich.

Why an English muffin? It's about those nooks and crannies — they are perfect for catching and holding little pockets of melted cheese. And when that velvety smooth dairy meets that chewy, crunchy, toasted bread, it's the kind of love connection neither you nor your teeth can let go of. It also offers the perfect ratio of bread to cheese, with very inch of the surface oozing with cheese.

Choose your favorite cheese

Of course, the shape of the English muffin is also a plus. Because they are round and smaller than the typical square slice of bread, you can fit more in a skillet or on a griddle, which comes in handy when you are feeding a crowd. Per her website, Rachael Ray is a fan of using English muffins for an inside-out grilled cheese. Ray likes to add fruits and jams. And when it comes to cheese for this grilled cheese, the cookbook author suggests everything from sharp cheddar, brie, mozzarella, or Swiss depending on what you want to add to it. You can also morph your lunchtime grilled cheese into a breakfast version by adding an egg and a little ham.

And there is one particular add-on that goes perfectly with this shaped bread and is a favorite for many lovers of this sandwich: The tomato. Because both are round, no more worries about not getting a little bit of this juicy fruit with each bite of the English muffin. So, the next time you want a grilled cheese, break out this breakfast bread.