A Splash Of Bubbly Is All You Need To Elevate Homemade Alfredo Sauce

If you're looking for a way to spruce up a dinner for a festive occasion — or just to take your fettuccine Alfredo to the next level — look no further than our favorite celebratory beverage, champagne. If you recently threw a party, chances are good you've got some in the fridge anyway. But even if you don't, picking up a bottle to introduce a splash of bubbly is the perfect way to add a layer of flavor to an otherwise mild Alfredo sauce.

While the beverage may seem more high-brow than the pasta dish, it makes sense to pair the two together. Champagne is often recommended as a complementary drink to cream and butter-based sauces, and Alfredo contains both. A light and refreshing glass of bubbly won't overpower the mild flavors in your Alfredo, and it adds a touch of acidity that will balance out the heaviness of the sauce. It can be thought of as a slightly more ebullient alternative to a white wine sauce, and in both cases, booze is used to give the dish a more complex flavor. As an added bonus, you won't use the whole bottle to make your recipe, so you'll have plenty left over to enjoy with your dinner.

How to make Alfredo sauce with champagne

The brand of champagne you pick up doesn't matter too much, but the flavor does. Opt for a dry version, since anything too sweet or fruity will take your Alfredo sauce in a different direction flavor-wise. Incorporating a splash of bubbly into your sauce couldn't be easier — once you've sauteed anything that needs it (think shallots, seasonings, and herbs with butter), use the champagne to deglaze the pan. Depending on your recipe, you'll need between one to one and a half cups of champagne. After the boozy liquid simmers for a few minutes to cook off the alcohol, toss in whichever creamy ingredient (or combination of ingredients) you're using, which could include heavy cream, milk, cream cheese, and grated cheese.

You could serve your delicious sauce with some noodles as-is (along with the bottle of champagne, of course). Or, you can add a protein that compliments the light and creamy flavors of your bubbly-infused Alfredo, like fish, chicken, or shrimp. And to really give your dish a fancy twist, top it off with some other bougey ingredients like truffle oil or shaved white truffle with a dusting of freshly ground black pepper.