Why Smoked Paprika Deserves A Spot In Your Next Bloody Mary

Your next morning drink is in for a smoky, satisfying kick. Smoked paprika can help give tomorrow's batch of tried and true Bloody Mary cocktails a surprising depth of flavor, and whether you choose to blend the spice into the drink itself or line the rims of glasses with a garnish of salt and the spice, you'll be pleased with the results. 

Smoked paprika delivers both sweet and spicy flavors, and while the spice is commonly used for rubs and stews, the red powder also warrants serious consideration in the cocktail glasses sitting on your brunch table. The spice is easy to include in your next batch of drinks, and you'll feel like a bartending professional as your guests sample the drinks you've made with looks of appreciation. After trying a cocktail with the addition for yourself, you may find yourself dipping into your pantry for the jar of smoked paprika with increasing regularity.

A smoky flavor that doesn't require flames

To add smoked paprika directly into your Bloody Mary drink, begin with a pinch and taste before adjusting the spice to meet your desired level of smoky taste. Alternatively, fill a shallow dish with equal parts salt and smoked paprika to create a flavorful garnish for your cocktail rims. After lining the lips of your glasses with a lemon or lime, press each cocktail glass lightly into the salty spice and twist until the glass is coated with your preferred amount of flavor. 

Look to match the smokiness of the flavorful paprika with an equally smoky spirit, like a Scotch that can stand up when matched with the peppy seasoning. Consider using a flavored smoky salt to complement the flavor profile and tasting notes of the smoky ingredients and add fresh ground black pepper to turn up the warmth of your drink. Your go-to Bloody Mary recipe may forever be changed.