Add Gingersnaps To Give Pumpkin Mousse A Warm, Spicy Upgrade

As delicious as a smooth serving of homemade pumpkin mousse might be, a topping of crunchy, crumbly gingersnaps can take your creamy dessert to new heights. While many home cooks are quick to reach for smashed graham crackers to add to their autumnal recipes, the spicy warmth of gingersnaps offers a punchy, spicy surprise that can bring a pleasant boost of flavor and texture to each spoonful. 

flourless chocolate tortes, pumpkin pies, and strawberry oatmeal muffins. The next time you bake a batch of molasses gingersnap cookies, prepare to make a double portion just for this reason.

Cookie crumbs with serious potential

Whether you pulse gingersnap cookies in a food processor or let out some of the day's work frustrations by placing cookie bits into a plastic bag and hammering the cookie crumbs into submission with a rolling pin, you can save the crushed gingersnaps in an airtight container to use in a moment's notice and add to your food and drink recipes. Be sure to add maple extract to your next grocery list, and start planning how you'll use your next gingery baker's dozen.

Add powdery gingersnaps to your next Frappuccino, top tomorrow's portion of strawberry overnight oats with the crumbs, or sprinkle the cookie pieces on top of the honey whipped cream you've used to garnish your afternoon mug of hot chocolate. Not only are your favorite fall treats in for an extra dose of warm, flavorful, and sugary spice, but year-round peach pie recipes and classic pound cake recipes will sing a little more loudly with the addition of the comforting cookie's presence.