The 2 Types Of Blenders Gordon Ramsay Recommends For Home Cooks

Chef and TV personality Gordon Ramsay has created some of the world's best-known restaurants. But while his food empire may be run from top-shelf kitchens that have all of the latest equipment, he keeps things a bit simpler when recommending tools for the home cook. Beyond the basics of good, sharp knives, a sturdy cutting board, and reliable cookware, Ramsay is also a fan of two different types of blenders.

At home, as he shared with Refinery 29, Ramsay uses both a bullet blender and an immersion blender. The bullet blender is often his go-to gadget in the morning; he likes to use it for making smoothies, which are a great choice for a portable breakfast — especially when he and his family are running late (and, as he confirmed, they often are). As for his immersion blender, a key element in both his home kitchen and his professional kitchens, Ramsay uses this when preparing soups.

These blenders tackle many cooking tasks

Fortunately for home cooks, Ramsay's recommendations are both easy-to-find items that shouldn't be too costly compared to the price tag on the high-end cookware that is showcased on Ramsay's many television shows. Bullet blenders can be found at major retailers and online, starting in price from around $30 to $40. Expect to pay more if you want a powerful blender — a 900- or 1,000-watt machine may cost as much as $80 to $100. Besides whipping up smoothies, this gadget is great for making sauces, hummus, and even whipped cream.

A standard immersion blender will run you about $30, though some bigger brand name versions will definitely cost more, as will a cordless model. To get greater functionality, look for immersion blenders with more than one attachment. Some come with a whisk tool in addition to the blending attachment. Like the bullet blender, it can be used for making smoothies in addition to pureeing soups and sauces. It's great for scrambling eggs and mixing up batter.