The Underrated Gluten-Free Flour You Should Consider Using

Gluten-free baking is no longer confining, and with an assortment of different flours to choose from, bakers can take their pick when whipping up delicious treats. Whether you're setting out to make gluten-free Yorkshire puddings or want to try your hand at putting together gluten-free glazed donuts, the flour that you choose for your recipe can lend unique textures and tastes to your finished product. 

You may think about buckwheat flour and almond flour when assembling ingredients for your gluten-free batters and doughs, but plantains can also serve as the powdery compound you need to create wonderful dishes. When dehydrated, plantains can be finely ground and used like other kinds of flour. And no, your baked treats won't taste like bananas — the result is slightly bitter and more nutty than the banana-like flavor you might expect. Plantains are larger, starchy, and more savory than their smaller, sweeter counterparts, and in many places of the world, plantains are consumed as often as potatoes are in America, accompanying main dishes as fried, boiled, roasted, or mashed sides. 

A versatile flour for gluten-free dishes

Plantain flour is chockful of macronutrients, potassium, and fiber, and the flour is low in fat. In addition to providing energy, plantain flour has also been shown to alleviate symptoms of gastrointestinal disease, and research has indicated the ingredient can lower blood sugar.

Though it takes a bit more effort, you can make plantain flour for yourself at home (and save some money in the process). Plus, with no added ingredients or preservatives, the grain-free flour can help you whip up morning pancakes or afternoon muffins with ease. After dehydrating sliced plantain pieces, a grinder or food processor can help you create the fine texture you need for baking. If you're making bread, plantain flour can replace up to 30% of the wheat flour that is called for, or use the flour to make pie crust, cookies, pasta, or pancakes. If you find the slight bitterness to be offputting, plantain flour can be mixed with other flour varieties to help you create the flavors you're looking for.