Bobby Flay's Nacho Burgers Are A Pub Food Lover's Dream

Nachos are a pretty big deal to Bobby Flay. The chef's own orange Maine Coon cat is named Nacho. We are also all about knockout bar snacks here at Tasting Table, from Scotch eggs to tater kegs. But, if you ask Flay, the ultimate pub food isn't nachos, exactly. It's bigger than that. The chef's go-to pub snack is a when-worlds-collide culinary mashup straight out of our munchiest dreams. If you haven't already met, allow us the pleasure of introducing the nacho burger.

Flay's nacho burger is far more than just nacho-meets-burger. As foodies might expect from a world-renowned chef of his stature, Flay ups the ante with sophisticated toppings, including queso, pickled jalapenos, blue corn tortilla chips, and tomato chipotle salsa. The salsa lends a fresh, complex flavor and the blue corn chips create dimension and texture. 

Bobby Flay stands by the nacho burger so enthusiastically that it's on the menu at Bobby's Burgers, his fast-casual chain, one of several restaurants that the chef owns. To some fans, the best part of the dish might be its fusion of Southwestern and Mexican flavor profiles. To others, it's how easy the nacho burger is to recreate at home. We see you, intrepid home cooks!

Nacho average bar snack

Bobby Flay's nacho burgers are a fun and filling dinner idea for Friday nights in with the family — not to mention a good way to sneak a few veggies past picky eaters. They make a playful dish for backyard barbecues and summer picnics, too. You could even rock your next fall tailgate with these bad boys.

To make a knockout nacho burger, Flay recommends using 80% lean ground chuck and cooking in a cast iron pan or on a griddle. (Pro tip: Make a small indentation in the center of each burger before cooking to prevent them from puffing out. A flat or even concave top is essential for retaining all those loaded toppings.)

Flay makes his tomato chipotle salsa with plum tomatoes, red onion, chipotle chili puree, red wine vinegar, and fresh cilantro. His homemade queso is a combination of Monterey Jack and Romano cheeses. These steps set the nacho burger apart from sleazy bar food (which rocks) to elevated avant-garde gastropub fare (which rocks in a different way). Bonus points if you pickle your own jalapenos when you whip up Flay's nacho burgers at home. But a jar of store-bought pickled jalapenos will do just fine. In fact, store-bought queso and chunky salsa are totally suitable time-saving options, as well. To complete the meal, pair with an ice-cold pale ale, a Margarita on the rocks, or a Mexican Coca-Cola in the bottle.