Tater Kegs: The Oversized Bar Snack That Leaves Tater Tots In The Dust

Here at Tasting Table, we're fans of the unconventional bar snack. When you're sipping a pint and watching a game, chicken wings and onion rings are fine and dandy. But, a basket of loaded nachos or piled-high poutine is a barfly foodie's gastronomic delight — and, if you happen to identify with this demographic, do we have a treat for you.

Introducing Tater Kegs: the oversized bar snack that leaves tater tots in the dust. They've been featured on QVC. They've been sold on a stick as concessions at Yankee Stadium, via Twitter. You can snack on 'em as an appetizer, eat 'em as a meal, or even use 'em to garnish a Bloody Mary. (Yes, really.)

What makes Tater Kegs so special? For one thing, they're massive. According to the Tater Kegs' website, they're three times the size of the average tater tot. That's 300% more tot action. Not only are they substantially larger, but Tater Kegs are also stuffed with fillings. The flavor lineup includes Bacon Cheddar and Chive, Bacon Jalapeno, Crab Feast, Buffalo Chicken, Breakfast Skillet, Chorizo Burrito, and even a Reuben sandwich flavor. There are even two vegetarian options: The Cheese Bomb and Cheddar Chive. So, where can fans get their paws on a basket of Tater Kegs?

Hope you brought your tap for these Tater Kegs

Unfortunately for fans, unlike other frozen fries and tots, you won't find Tater Kegs in your local grocery store's freezer aisle. According to The Takeout, Tater Kegs are currently "only available through foodservice distributors to restaurants, stadiums, and grocery deli hot bars." You have to eat out to chow down on these gargantuan tots. But, as the outlet notes, most joints that serve Tater Kegs don't prominently advertise themselves as proud retailers of the supreme bar snack, which can make them even tougher to find. You might be able to search "best bar food [insert your city here]" or "wings near me," but if it's Tater Kegs you're after, you'll have to search individual bar menus to track them down.

Although, if you're brave enough to attempt a homemade version, The Abbey Brewing Co. recommends using Russet or Yukon Gold potatoes. Their high starch content, says the outlet, will help the tots puff up and develop a creamy inside. They might not swell to Tater Keg size, but as these massive tots know all too well, it's lonely at the top.