Toasted Marshmallow Shot Glasses Are The Perfect Way To Close Out Summer

Summer may be winding down, with chains like Dunkin' Donuts already debuting their pumpkin-laden fall menus but that doesn't mean the weather is playing ball. If you've planned any last-minute camping trips while it's still warm and sunny outside, make sure to bring a bag of marshmallows. You'll need them to make a round of classic s'mores, but you can also use them in a more adult way — to make creative, upgraded shot glasses.

Even if you're not heading into the great outdoors, marshmallow shot glasses are still a fun way to spruce up your booze for backyard parties, barbecues, and pool days. You only need one ingredient, along with an open flame or a stovetop, and a fork or a metal stick. Once your marshmallow is nice and toasty, you can fill it with your favorite liquor, which will get a little added sweetness when it's time to drink. Plus, you can turn your shot into dessert by eating the liquor-soaked glass when you're done.

Turn your shot into a tasty sweet treat

If you're toasting your marshmallows at home, you can do so by holding them over the stove (either gas or electric) on a metal fork or prong. For the most aesthetically pleasing results, get them nice and brown on all sides and resist the temptation to light them on fire and blow them out, or you may end up warping your shot glass. To turn your marshmallow into a cup, all you need to do is remove the fork or prong and let it sit with the white side up. The top should begin to sink, making a well that can hold liquid. If yours aren't working, you can also carve out a little room with a small spoon.

Now for the fun part — filling your marshmallows with liquor. If you're trying to mimic the taste of s'mores, you can use a chocolate liqueur like Godiva's and sprinkle some crushed graham crackers on top. But if you're just looking for a tasty treat that pairs well with your edible shot glasses, try a coffee liqueur or Baileys. To make your treat even fancier, try dipping the edges of the marshmallow (after the center has sunk, but before you add booze) in melted chocolate, then press on some chopped nuts or crushed graham crackers. Once you do pour the liquor in, however, it's best to take your shot immediately so it doesn't end up leaking.