Every Item On The Dunkin' Fall 2023 Menu, Ranked

For coffee lovers, few events are as exciting as the arrival of a new seasonal menu. Although summery delights may be on their way out, fans of limited-edition drinks can rest easy knowing the Dunkin' fall menu is just around the corner. Each year, the coffee and donut chain unveils a bevy of new beverages and snacks perfect for leaf-crunching, apple-picking, and trick-or-treating adventures.

Last year's autumnal menu at Dunkin' featured festive options like the Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew and, for the coffee-averse, the chilled Blood Orange Refresher. While they won't be making a comeback just yet, there are plenty of returning favorites, including the popular hazelnut-infused Nutty Pumpkin Coffee and Pumpkin Spice Signature Latte. This year, Dunkin' customers can get their hands on the chain's offerings from August 16th through October 31st, though each location's fall menu launch date may vary. On October 11th, fans will be treated to a sneak peek of the hotly-anticipated Halloween menu — boasting the launch of the spooky Spider Donut, a sweet orange glazed yeast treat topped with a decorative chocolate Munchkin.

There are ten fresh new items to initially try on the chain's fall menu, with an assortment of sweet and savory options for discerning palettes. So, which treats are worth grabbing on the next morning coffee run? We at Tasting Table have tried every item on Dunkin' fall menu to answer that very question. Ahead, we'll break down the best and the worst of this limited-edition launch.

11. Hot Nutty Pumpkin Coffee

Many Dunkin' fans were disheartened to learn that the chain's Peanut Butter Cup swirl wasn't part of the fall 2023 menu, but Nutty Pumpkin Coffee seeks to fill that void. The Nutty Pumpkin flavor consists of two shots of pumpkin swirl and two shots of hazelnut syrup. Like other Dunkin' coffee orders, you can grab the Nutty Pumpkin Coffee any way you like: black, with cream or milk, or with non-dairy options like coconut, almond, or oat milk. For our fall menu taste testing, we opted for a splash (or base) of coconut milk in each drink.

The hot Nutty Pumpkin Coffee smells almost like chai tea, undoubtedly due to the overlapping ingredients that make up pumpkin spice. We were expecting much more hazelnut flavor, but most of what we picked up on was pumpkin spice. Since the fall drink menu is so heavily pumpkin-inspired, we can see why many Dunkin' customers were saddened by the absence of Peanut Butter Swirl this season. Though Nutty Pumpkin includes a whopping four flavor shots, the dominant flavor in this drink is pure sugar, followed by a smidgen of pumpkin spice. For us, hot Nutty Pumpkin was much too sweet to be enjoyable — but you can tamp it down by asking for half the number of flavor shots in your order.

10. Hot Pumpkin Swirl Coffee

The first thing we noticed upon tasting the Pumpkin Swirl hot coffee is that it's super sweet. With iced coffees, flavor shots tend to settle and get lost in the mix, but the sweetness of the pumpkin swirl shot is at the forefront of this beverage. It doesn't smell as spicy as the Nutty Pumpkin coffee, but it has a faint pumpkin-tinged coffee scent.

The coffee isn't quite as rich tasting as its iced counterpart. It isn't unpleasant, but it borders on watery. Much of what you taste is sugar, similar to the hot nutty pumpkin coffee. However, the Nutty Pumpkin Coffee is far sweeter than the Pumpkin Swirl — so much so, it tastes syrupy in comparison. As such, we prefer the plain old Pumpkin Swirl when it comes to hot coffee, but wish the coffee flavor was a bit stronger. For a more satisfying dose of seasonal spice in your morning brew, order the iced Pumpkin Swirl or Pumpkin Spice Latte instead.

9. Pumpkin Donut

While the Dunkin' menu may not emphasize donuts as much as it once did, the fall menu wouldn't be the same without the arrival of the Pumpkin Donut. Thus, it came as no surprise the Pumpkin Donut tray was nearly empty at our local Dunkin' on the day of the chain's fall menu release.

The Pumpkin Donut crust isn't quite as dense as that of Munchkins, but its taste is virtually indistinguishable. Inside, the crumb is slightly looser, and the donut breaks apart very easily whether you take a bite or split it into pieces. There are more nooks and crannies for the icing to settle into, so the Pumpkin Donut tasted a little sweeter than the Munchkin. It's moist in the center, but slightly dry as you work towards the edges of its crust. We wouldn't say the Pumpkin Donut is bad, but it falls a bit flat in comparison to Dunkin's other pumpkin-infused baked goods. If you're a traditional donut purist, you won't be disappointed — otherwise, go for the Munchkins or Muffin instead.

8. Maple Sugar Bacon

Dunkin' is well-respected for its snacking bacon, a meaty side served in a small paper bag. The same ingredient on the Maple Sugar Bacon Sandwich, the Maple Bacon replaces the chain's Sweet Black Pepper Bacon for fall.

A small serving of bacon may not look like much, but don't fret — it's extremely filling. Not all pieces are uniformly cooked, and we preferred the crunchy, snappy slices to their bendier companions. The Maple Sugar Bacon smells faintly of maple, though we didn't detect much of the real thing. It tasted more like simple syrup than a true maple syrup flavor. In all honesty, we would have appreciated even a synthetic maple note to enhance the experience. It's a fair item, but it's much better in the Maple Bacon sandwich. Still, it's not bad bacon by any means, especially from a coffee chain. The only other qualm is that it goes cold very quickly in its thin paper lining, so be sure to insulate it as best you can if you're on the go.

7. Iced Pumpkin Spice Latte

The Dunkin' Pumpkin Spice Latte Iced is a riff on an autumnal classic, though a Dunkin' interpretation of an iced latte doesn't seem all too different from its iced coffees, albeit with extra milk added to the cup. It has a warmer color than the other Dunkin' iced beverages, and some speckled traces of espresso at the bottom of the beverage. As with other chilled drinks from Dunkin', it doesn't carry much of a scent, though its whipped cream topping is very aesthetically pleasing. 

It's worth pointing out that die-hard pumpkin spice latte enthusiasts may be disappointed by the iced pumpkin spice latte from Dunkin'. It's cool, refreshing, and definitely has some espresso flavor, but we didn't detect much pumpkin spice or sweetness beyond the syrupy drizzle and whipped cream topping. Still, its smooth, bold taste is a win for coffee lovers, even if it isn't exactly what we'd expect from a pumpkin-spiced latte. Is it enjoyable? Yes, but it's underwhelming if you're looking for festive fall flavors from Dunkin'. If you prefer a whisper of sugar over a spoonful of the stuff and aren't big on pumpkin spice, you might appreciate the iced Pumpkin Spice Latte's understated nature.

6. Iced Nutty Pumpkin Coffee

We weren't big on the hot Nutty Pumpkin Coffee, but we have to admit that the iced Nutty Pumpkin beverage was far superior. It doesn't have much of a scent, and its appearance is rather plain, but it's a pretty tasty option nonetheless. When chilled, Nutty Pumpkin coffee tastes more like an iced chai tea, and its sweetness is far less cloying than its hot alternative.

If we could make a suggestion, we'd say to ask for light ice in your drink order. The Nutty Pumpkin flavor is pretty mild as it is, and it's almost impossible to taste it when watered down with ice. We suspect much of the flavoring settled to the bottom of our cup, evidenced by a thin, caramel-colored stripe resting at its base. Therefore, it may be worth asking your barista to line the sides of the cup with syrup to fully appreciate the taste of Nutty Pumpkin. We certainly expected more of a nutty taste from Nutty Pumpkin, but we still enjoyed the unique flavor of the iced variety. With that said, we can't wait to see if Peanut Butter flavoring makes a comeback on Dunkin's Halloween menu.

5. Iced Pumpkin Swirl Coffee

A valid criticism of the Dunkin' fall beverage menu is that it's a little one-dimensional, which can get old fast, even for pumpkin fans. The Pumpkin Swirl option is the most basic of the chain's offerings this season, consisting of little more than a shot of pumpkin syrup and the optional addition of cream or milk. Yet, it still managed to earn a decent place on our ranking, thanks to its classic flavor profile.

First, a word of advice that can be applied to all Dunkin' iced coffees or lattes: Unless you ask your barista to line your cup with flavor syrup, give your Iced Pumpkin Swirl a good shake before drinking, as most of its flavorings tend to get trapped toward the bottom. Like other iced Dunkin' beverages, Pumpkin Swirl has a smooth, rich coffee base. It isn't nearly as sweet as the Pumpkin Nutty Coffee. For this reason, we preferred it to its (not so) nutty cousin. The pronounced coffee element of the Iced Pumpkin Swirl works well against the pumpkin spice swirl and comes across as the familiar pumpkin spice coffee flavor that PSL fans know and love. Plus, the level of sweetness is just right — it's perceptible, but not stick-to-your-teeth syrupy. If you're yearning for the flavor of fall without the bells and whistles, you can't go wrong with the Iced Pumpkin Swirl.

4. Maple Sugar Bacon Sandwich

One of the most eagerly awaited items on the Dunkin' fall menu is the Maple Sugar Bacon Sandwich. It's the only breakfast sandwich in the entire collection, and a standard order arrives on a toasted croissant, though our friendly barista let us know that you can substitute it for another baked good instead.

It smells very savory, with a mellow bacon aroma underscored by buttery croissant and maple notes. The croissant has a springy, delicate crust that's highly susceptible to flattening, making it slightly chewy. It isn't enormous, but it's a good size to accommodate its generous filling. Unfortunately, it didn't taste quite as buttery as it smelled. 

The Maple Sugar Bacon is very sweet, although the maple flavor isn't well-defined. It's a little difficult to get a balanced bite, as the bacon tends to slide out of the sandwich instead of snapping apart. The egg is your standard fast food disc, but its mild texture and flavor is a good accompaniment to the crisp, sweet bacon. A slice of white cheddar cheese is melted underneath, and it's delicious against the crisp croissant base. The Maple Sugar Bacon Sandwich is a decent pick if you're looking for a hearty breakfast option, so be sure to scoop one up before it's gone for good.

3. Pumpkin Munchkins

The Dunkin' munchkin is a quintessential menu item for donut fans, and Dunkin' pumpkin munchkins are a welcome addition to the lineup. Compared to the original glazed Munchkin, the Pumpkin Munchkin is much darker and has a deep orange hue. There's a sugary glaze coating each bite-sized treat, and they have a pungent, spiced pumpkin aroma. They're served in a convenient cardboard box, similar to their full-sized donut friends. We purchased a box of ten Munchkins, although you can order as many as 50 at a time.

Each Pumpkin Munchkin has a firm, shiny crust, thanks to a generous application of icing. That said, our teeth sunk right into them as we went in for a bite. The icing tastes sweet but not overpoweringly so, and the pumpkin crumb is soft and chewy. Pumpkin Munchkins certainly have a true pumpkin spice flavor, with hints of cinnamon and nutmeg, and the smooth, velvety texture typical of pumpkin-filled baked goods. They're a nice way to enjoy pumpkin spice donut flavor in a convenient, portion-controlled sphere, and they're also great for sharing with friends.

2. Hot Pumpkin Spice Latte

The hot Pumpkin Spice Latte has a welcoming, warm coffee scent with a touch of pumpkin spice. Our barista prepared it with an impressive layer of foam on top—– no easy feat, considering it was made with non-dairy milk. In fact, our Dunkin' drink order made a classic Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte look like the product of a tired vending machine. Upon giving it a sip, the Dunkin' Pumpkin Spice Latte tasted even better than it appeared. The foam is fluffy, silky, airy, and nearly an inch tall in height. As you drink it, it blends beautifully into the main event, the pumpkin spice latte itself.

The drink is exactly what pumpkin spice lovers look forward to each year. It has a rich, full-bodied espresso flavor with just the right amount of pumpkin spice sweetness swirled inside. It isn't unpleasantly sweet, like other seasonal drinks can sometimes be (looking at you, Nutty Pumpkin), but it isn't dull or bitter either. Even with coconut milk, it tastes deliciously rich and satisfying, so one can only imagine what a touch of cream or milk might add. It's the type of beverage that makes you stop and savor it for a moment — until the kick of caffeine sets in, of course. Although it was one of the last Dunkin' drinks we sampled, it was clearly among the best.

1. Pumpkin Muffin

When we think of Dunkin', there's one baked good that comes to mind. In addition to everyday favorites like chocolate and strawberry frosted offerings, the chain has a stellar history of seasonal and limited-edition choices, like the dearly departed Spicy Ghost Pepper Donut. So, imagine our surprise when our favorite treat on the fall menu turned out to be none other than the Pumpkin Muffin.

At first glance, it's evident that there's something special about the Pumpkin Muffin. It has a carefully-applied drizzle of white icing atop a dusting of sunny streusel, whereas Dunkin' Pumpkin Donuts have a simple glaze. After peeling back its paper liner, we couldn't help but notice its bright, turmeric-yellow base. The bottom of the muffin is incredibly moist, with a soft, spongey crumb. Taking a bite, we were met with a true squash flavor that we'd say tasted more butternut-like than pumpkin spice. It does err into overly sweet territory when you nibble the sugary crumb topping, but it still tastes exceptional by fast food muffin standards.

The Pumpkin Muffin is the champion of the Dunkin' fall menu, easily our favorite food item this season. It can't be overstated how much the chain knocked it out of the park with this one — simply put, it's remarkably refined for a fast food muffin. If you love fall's earthy flavors, you won't want to miss out on this one. For the ultimate pairing, give it a try alongside a Dunkin' Pumpkin Spice Latte.