Hot Pockets Debuts Its Spiciest Snacks Ever In Hot Ones Collaboration

Collaborations — everyone in the food world is into them, and now one of the biggest team-ups the internet has seen yet has been announced between "Hot Ones" and Hot Pockets. Hosted by Sean Evans, the YouTube hit has become an enduring favorite with viewers, racking up hundreds of millions of views over its eight-year run. In fact, the show's popularity has led to a few special releases, but this match with Hot Pockets feels like one readymade to go viral.

As reported by Mashed, which got an exclusive first taste of the spicy snacks, the Hot Pocket's "Hot Ones" lineup will feature four new flavors, which Hot Pockets calls "the hottest Hot Pocket ever!" The four flavors are based on "Hot Ones'" partnership with Heatonist and are headlined by the Fiery Hot Pepperoni featuring "Hot Ones" The Last Dab: Apollo, an Apollo-Pepper-based version of the famous fiery hot sauce from the show. While the other flavors are slightly less intimidating, they are still pretty spicy, with a habanero-pepperoni and sausage flavored with red jalapeños and habanero chiles as the next hottest. There will also be Smoky Green Chile Cheesesteak with "Hot Ones'" Los Calientes Verde and a Spicy Garlic Chicken & Bacon with "Hot Ones'" fresno chile and garlic sweet heat sauce. Hot Pockets is promising a special appearance on "Hot Ones" in October.

Hot Pockets and Hot Ones are both no strangers to collaboration

While the habanero, smoky green chile, and spicy garlic flavors will hit stores starting in September, The Last Dab: Apollo Hot Pockets will only be available online from GoPuff. Creator of "Hot Ones," Chris Schonberger, says: "With the launch of brand-new HOT POCKETS, fans can taste the heat for themselves at home," and that they are "excited to team up with HOT POCKETS to bring our fans a spicy new way to experience the show's famous hot sauces."

"Hot Ones" has had a string of collaborations recently, bringing its signature spice to Shake Shack with a unique, custom variation on the burger spot's signature Shack Sauce. They also released a collection of hot sauce flavors with Pringles last summer, and have even created a shoe with Reebok.

Beyond their cache as an internet favorite, Hot Pockets sounds like the perfect partner as they've been more than game for collaborations and stunts of their own. They've recently teamed up with rapper Rakeem Miles for a clothing line and put out their own cargo shorts with a literal pocket to carry their product. However, actual flavor collaborations have been rare, which makes the new lineup a real treat for fans. As for how spicy these Hot Pockets will actually be — we'll have to wait and find out, but it's not like "Hot Ones" to hold back, even with their Shake Shack partnership.

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