World's Hottest Pepper, Pepper X

Yeah, it'll probably kill you, too

Remember that spicy pepper strong enough to singe your airways and numb your skin as effectively as medical-grade anaesthesia? It's been only a few short months, but the Dragon's Breath chile has already been knocked off its flaming throne: Say hello to Pepper X.

Unlike the Dragon's Breath, though, you can actually try Pepper X for yourself—if you're dumb brave enough. You can find it inside The Last Dab, a special-edition hot sauce produced by hot sauce company Heatonist and First We Feast. Apparently, the sauce itself is hotter than raw Carolina Reapers, and the initial release is already sold out. For now, it doesn't look like you can get Pepper X in its pure form, which may be for the best.

According to First We Feast, the satanic pepper has been in development for the past decade by cultivator Ed Currie. Just consider this a bit of payback—Currie was the one who originally developed the Carolina Reaper, which for a while claimed the title of hottest pepper until the Dragon's Breath stole the spotlight.

At 3.18 million Scoville units, Pepper X eclipses the already (stupidly) fiery Dragon's Breath by more than 500,000 units. Again, to put things in perspective, the everyday jalapeño maxes out at a lowly 10,000 on the Scoville scale, meaning Pepper X is around 300 times as spicy. (It's also around 30 times as hot as the already-excruciating habanero, which is enough to leave us sweating the rest of the afternoon.)