Starbucks Debuts 3 New Drinks For Its Summer Menu Remix

It's been an eventful year for Starbucks, and now, the coffee giant is rolling out an all-new menu to make sure fans stay on their toes. Although, "all-new" might not be exactly right. Introducing the Summer Menu Remix. Via a press release sent to Tasting Table, it features a trio of "remixed" versions of classic Starbucks drinks fans already know and love. (Conveniently, all three remixed drinks tote pretty self-explanatory, comprehensive names, so fans don't have to wonder what they'll taste like.)

First up is the Chocolate Cream Cold Brew with Caramel Syrup in a Caramel Lined Cup. It's a rich, dessert-like caffeine boost to help fuel daily errands. (Think milkshake meets espresso.) This updated version remixes Starbucks' existing Chocolate Cream Cold Brew into a caramel fantasia. Next is the Iced Chai Tea Latte with Matcha Cream Cold Foam. The cold foam adds earthiness and a pop of green for a mild, calming color palette with the creamy chai. This spiced, refreshing drink could be a good fit for transitioning from summer into fall. Third is the Blended Black Iced Tea Lemonade — perfect for non-coffee drinkers and any foodie sweating through another dog day of August.

Customers can order from the Summer Menu Remix through the Starbucks mobile app or by asking a barista for more info. Like summer itself, the menu will only be featured for a limited time.

Summer sipping before the end of the season

This remixed drink trio might be an expansion of Starbucks' iced drink sector, which has earned the company a new, younger fanbase in recent months. As of August, three out of every four drinks sold at Starbucks are iced, reports Business Insider. Menu offerings like Refreshers and cold foam have played a huge role in spearheading this popularity amongst Gen Z. Those who prefer a cold drink over a hot beverage can continue to order anything from the Summer Menu Remix even after the limited-time featuring of the trio ends. Simply special request your favorite drink's customized specs "secret menu" style.

Starbucks' current Twitter bio reads "All summer everything," and its new (or rather, remixed) drink lineup certainly delivers on the moniker. Fans should enjoy the limited-time Summer Menu Remix before Starbucks' iconic fall menu hits, and ostensibly with it, the annual total brand overhaul. Judging by previous years' releases, coffee lovers can expect to see the PSL's return to coffee bars around August 30 — which historically rakes in impressive sales. Meanwhile, pumpkin spice coffees and creamers are already available on grocery store shelves.