12 Starbucks Cold Foam Flavors, Ranked Worst To Best

When it comes to Starbucks' iced beverages, there's a certain finishing touch that, at least to us, elevates these drinks to a whole new level of enjoyment: The delightful addition of cold foam. Designed as a crowning glory for cold brew drinks, you can request cold foam on any Starbucks drink you happen to be ordering. As a result, it's not uncommon to see adventurous customers adding it to refreshers, chai, or even matcha lattes.

Beyond the plethora of syrups, inclusions, and sprinkles that Starbucks offers, cold foams present yet another delightful way to personalize your favorite drink. They've become a favorite tool for creators of "secret menu" items, inspiring a wide array of beverages drawn from diverse themes. The beauty of cold foams extends beyond just being an add-on. Starbucks even allows you to get creative and make unique, off-menu cold foam requests. While some beverages come with cold foam as a standard feature, you have the freedom to either retain this original foam or tweak it to your liking. We appreciate the opportunity to take Starbucks' standard recipes and transform them into something extra special with just the right modifications.

12. Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Foam

The vanilla sweet cream cold foam is a delicious option if you're looking for a very basic cold foam. Only slightly sweet, this one is a simple flavor, and if you're looking to get creative with different syrups, we recommend always beginning with the vanilla sweet cream cold foam as a base. While the vanilla sweet cream cold foam might not be our favorite among the basic cold foam variants, it serves as a perfect canvas and starting point to design a delicious masterpiece distinctly yours. Other flavors layer nicely on top of it, but it is also fine all on its own.

If you're looking for an easy way to sweeten your drink and add a little bit of creaminess at the same time, the vanilla sweet cream cold foam is a good option and a delicious first taste of cold foam if it's new to you. Since we enjoy a lot of flavors, even in our cold foam, we find that there simply isn't enough vanilla flavor in this one to rank it higher. That said, if you're really hoping for a vanilla cold foam, simply ask for another pump of vanilla to be added to the cold foam to bring out that vanilla flavor more. You could also ask for half of the cold foam pumps to be made hazelnut and half of them vanilla to give yourself more of a French vanilla flavor rather than a standard vanilla.

11. Raspberry Cold Foam

Unfortunately, Starbucks' raspberry fabulous raspberry syrup is on its way out the door, but several stores still have it lingering around. So if you are really dying to try raspberry cold foam, we recommend checking out a Starbucks in a Target store. That is where we found this raspberry syrup hiding, and this makes sense since we've noticed that Target stores are often the last to lose seasonal item availability. With this raspberry syrup, you can make a slew of unique secret menu drinks, but we think it makes for a perfectly light and refreshing cold foam.

When baristas add sweetener or flavoring to cold foam, they generally only add two pumps, no matter what size you order, according to the barista we spoke with. However, with the raspberry syrup, we recommend asking for an extra pump of the flavoring. We found it to be so light that the coffee quickly overwhelmed it, and the raspberry didn't shine through as much as we would have liked it to. We were hoping for a balance of flavors similar to what we got with the strawberry cold foam, but the raspberry didn't quite pull through in the same way. We chose to put ours on top of cold brew, but we think it would have tasted even better on top of a chai or matcha latte. The coffee was simply too overwhelming for the delicate raspberry flavor.

10. Chocolate Cream Cold Foam

The first time you have cold foam from Starbucks, you might imagine that it feels a little bit like ice cream. This isn't surprising, given its rich, creamy texture and the delightful way it seamlessly melts into the drink, enhancing its flavors. However, the texture of the chocolate cold foam stands out even more, reflecting an ice-cream-like quality that is noticeably denser and thicker than the others.

Despite its name, the chocolate flavor is gentle rather than overpowering, making its presence known without being overly assertive. If you're apprehensive about the taste being too bitter or closely resembling mocha syrup, rest assured that this won't be the case. The chocolate in this cold foam is more of a whispered note rather than anything else. We found the chocolate cream cold brew to be slightly less sweet compared to other similar offerings, but the presence of chocolate enhances the drink's smoothness, adding a delightful layer to its flavor profile. This makes it an excellent choice for those seeking a subtle touch of chocolate in their beverage without it dominating the taste or making the drink too dessert-like.

9. Cinnamon Dolce Cold Foam

We are enamored with white chocolate and cinnamon dolce as a combination of flavors. When swirled in a drink, the result is something close to cinnamon toast crunch, so we figured a cinnamon dolce cold foam atop a white mocha would also be delicious.

Our expectations were high, fueled by past experience and the delicious promise of the two flavors we were blending. However, the resulting flavor profile didn't exactly meet our envisioned standard. On its own, the cinnamon dolce cold foam tasted akin to cinnamon gum; it is sweet, mild, and subtly spiced. It didn't blend as harmoniously with the white chocolate as we'd hoped, resulting in two separate flavors rather than a unified taste. If you want to try out this combination, we recommend adding some cinnamon dolce to the white mocha drink itself and on top. The cinnamon dolce is very mild, so if you're hoping for something that is only slightly cinnamon flavored, this may be the perfect option. Funny enough, even though the flavor was rather mild, the drink felt a little on the heavier and creamy side, likely due to the white chocolate sauce.

8. Pistachio Cream Cold Foam

The pistachio cream cold brew premiered in January 2023, and, though it started disappearing toward the end of the season, you can still occasionally find it in some Starbucks locations. Like the raspberry, we found this one continuing to hang out at a Target Starbucks. So if you missed it so far, there's still time if you visit your local Target.

We truly wish this one would stick around longer because the flavor is so delicious. You may not expect a pistachio cream to be as sweet as this one, but we find it to be a mixture of a nice smoothness with only a mild salty taste and the perfect sweetness. This cream also melts well with the cold brew underneath, and since the cold brew typically includes some vanilla syrup as well, the overall drink is comforting. Perhaps that's what makes it an ideal winter drink, but we think it would do well throughout the year. Our only real complaint about the pistachio cold foam is that it simply isn't widely available as others. We certainly hope Starbucks brings it back next winter following the holidays.

7. Peppermint Cold Foam

You may be surprised to learn that peppermint syrup is available year-round, not just on the holiday menu for peppermint mochas. While not explicitly listed on the menu, peppermint cold foam is a delightful off-menu treat that you can order anytime you're craving a hint of minty freshness. This is usually made using vanilla cream cold foam as a base, and with the vanilla added in, it tastes something almost candy-like.

We ordered our peppermint cold foam on top of an iced white mocha, and it was a refreshing memory for the holiday season and quite tasty in the warmer season. The peppermint cold foam adds a refreshing dimension to the drink, making it a perfect choice for even a warm day when you're looking for a cool, refreshing, and delicious beverage. The blend of flavors was sweet, but not overpoweringly so, striking a unique balance between dessert-like and refreshment. Though we enjoy the peppermint, we imagine the smell of the peppermint in the cold foam may be a little much with it all sitting right on top of the drink. Even still, if you find yourself craving a peppermint mocha in the middle of May, consider this cold foam option.

6. Cinnamon Caramel Cream Cold Foam

The cinnamon caramel cream collection of drinks is rather on the newer side of the Starbucks cold foam options. These drinks present a delicious helping of cold foam made with delicious cinnamon syrup.

Immediately upon bringing it to your nose, you notice cinnamon's distinct and warm smell. Alongside the syrup used, that sprinkling of cinnamon dolce topping also adds a delightful smell. We think this one is sweet from that slight caramel taste without getting too much. It is a nice mix of a slightly spicy drink, because of the cinnamon and the sweetness of caramel. Though the name would make you believe this one is overly flavorful, the taste here is quite mild compared to other cold foams you can order at Starbucks. We enjoyed this one, but we would like that flavor to be slightly more heavy-handed. While we find this understated flavor enjoyable, we also find ourselves craving a bit more depth and intensity. Hence, when placing our orders, we sometimes ask the baristas for an additional pump of the syrup in the cold foam. This little tweak elevates the overall taste, making the Cinnamon Caramel Cream experience all the more indulgent and satisfying.

5. White Chocolate Macadamia Cold Foam

In the days leading up to the summer drink releases, some Starbucks stores received early releases of the white chocolate macadamia flavoring needed for the new drinks syrup. Thankfully, we were able to get our hands on an early taste of this drink and fell absolutely in love with this cold foam.

On its own, the cold foam is delicious and smooth. Fans of macadamia nut cookies will certainly fall in love with this one. As it mixes in with the coffee, it tastes even better. We found this cold foam to be so flavorful and delicious that we would even recommend ordering extra of it on top of your drink. In addition to the cold brew it is intended for, we would like to try this cold foam on top of an iced latte or even an iced chai latte. Either would be quite delicious and even though the cold foam is nice and smooth, the sweetness of it would still play nicely off of either of these drinks.

4. Matcha Cold Foam

Matcha is a rather unique taste. Its characteristically earthy taste and vivid green color can be both intriguing and captivating, yet it remains a bit of an acquired taste. While seasoned matcha enthusiasts often prefer their matcha straight-up and uncomplicated, those who are new to matcha or trying to develop a liking for it might benefit from exploring it in different forms. One such interesting option is the matcha cold foam.

This vibrant twist on conventional cold foam is a beautiful and tasty delight. Its versatility makes it an excellent addition to a variety of drinks, proving an interesting flavor twist and a touch of playful color. We topped an iced chai latte with it and found that it added just the perfect amount of color and earthiness to our tea. We also like that the matcha cold foam didn't fully mix in with the chai so that you could taste the combination of these two flavors while also enjoying a little separation between them. Thanks to Starbucks' cold foam lids, you can simultaneously enjoy the two flavors.

3. Brown Sugar Cold Foam

Our favorite pick-me-up at Starbucks, when we're in dire need of a caffeine boost, is the Brown Sugar Shaken Espresso with oat milk. Although this particular concoction doesn't traditionally come dressed up with cold foam, it boasts a rich brown sugar syrup, an ingredient we've found makes a tasty addition for crave-worthy cold foam topping.

We paired ours with some vanilla cold brew and asked the barista to top it with a cold foam flavored with brown sugar syrup. The result is a mixture that is perfectly sweet and complements the cold brew well. We loved how creamy it was, and, though it even felt a little like a dessert, it's also a totally reasonable drink to order on a coffee run. Honestly, this may very well become one of our new favorite cold foams. Although it isn't a regular menu item, the baristas at Starbucks are well-versed in their craft and can whip up this special request without hesitation.

2. Strawberry Cold Foam

There are many different ways to liven up regular cold foam. Although most of these flavors do not change the color of the foam itself, the strawberry cold foam creates quite a lovely shade of pink. If you were to ask a barista for a unique flavor of cold foam, there's a good chance they may recommend the strawberry cold foam, commonly known as pink cold foam. And while there are certainly several different drinks you could put this foam on top to create a uniquely fruity beverage, we opted for an iced mocha topped with the pretty pink stuff.

Upon our first sip, we got a nice blend of that strawberry cream with the chocolate from the mocha. As you might expect, it creates the effect of a chocolate-covered strawberry. We were also impressed with how beautifully the strawberry melted straight into the iced mocha and easily mixed in with the flavor. When you order a cold foam, you don't always see the melding of flavors happen in such a significant way, but the strawberry cold foam certainly has a substantial impact on the drink. We also like the strawberry cold foam on top of an iced matcha latte, and the green and pink combined certainly make for a pretty picture.

1. Salted Caramel Cream Cold Foam

Although salted caramel cream wasn't our first experience with cold foam, it was our absolute favorite. We absolutely adored the flavoring's delicious mix of sweet and salty. It's a great taste that is easy to order and easy to recommend.

The warmth of the caramel, paired with just the slightest of saltiness, gets the best of both worlds and, as the cream mixes with the coffee, your cold foam will become that much tastier. Quite simply, it's perfectly sweet without being too overpowering, and the flavor mixes well with coffee. Amid the ever-evolving carousel of flavors on Starbucks' menu, the salted caramel cream has managed to secure a more permanent place, much to our delight. We find this particular cold foam so enjoyable that we've started experimenting with it as a topping on other beverages. For a fun spin on a classic tea, you could consider adding it to a nice chai latte. This would create a whole other flavor of profile and create a sweet chai latte experience. It would also do quite nicely atop an iced mocha for more of a caramel mocha experience.