25 Best Starbucks Secret Menu Teas, Ranked

Even though Starbucks has an extensive menu of popular drinks, the offerings go far beyond what you see on those menu boards. Starbucks fans have taken to calling these off-menu options the secret menu, but that name might be a little misleading. There's no true "secret" menu at stores. Instead, these drinks are often the result of creative customers (or inspired baristas) using their experience and tastes to develop drinks worthy of transcending the chain's standard offerings.

Of course, in the age of the internet it's hard for anything to remain secret for long; unofficial menu options are frequently shared across social media platforms (as well as old-fashioned word of mouth), creating a community-driven drink collection that offers unique twists and flavors. Among these creative concoctions, there's a range of frosty frappuccinos, delightful espresso-based drinks and more.

When it comes to tea-based secret menu items, the possibilities are endless. There are tasty variations of matcha, chai, black tea, and passion tea, each with distinct flavors and combinations. These drinks often incorporate syrups, toppings, or substitutions to create exciting flavor profiles beyond the standard offerings. Read on for a breakdown of the best.

25. Vampire Tea

The Vampire Tea is a must-try when looking for a fruit-forward experience that brings a whole new dimension to your typical tea. This unique concoction transforms traditional black tea into a sweet, fruity delight that's sure to tingle your taste buds and delight any Draculas that may be in your vicinity.

To order this one, ask for a grande iced black tea with five pumps of classic syrup, soy milk, and peach juice. Remember to ask for the top to be dressed with a generous splash of strawberry purée, for the full vampire effect. If you don't specify that the strawberry purée should go in at the end of this bloody good beverage, you run the risk of it being mixed right in with the drink.

24. Cinnamon Toast Crunch

To recreate this cereal-inspired masterpiece, start with a venti iced black tea base. Ask for an extra splash of sweet cream and an impressive ten pumps of brown sugar syrup. Add in a pump of classic syrup for good measure. If you want a grande, bring the brown sugar pumps down to eight.

While this may sound like a sugar overload, it's quite the opposite. The flavor isn't too overwhelming, instead perfectly countered by the vanilla sweet cream cold foam that sits atop the drink. Interestingly, despite its dessert-like nature, this drink isn't hugely caffeinated, making it an option for those seeking a lower-caffeine treat. The black tea base lends just enough of a caffeine kick, without overdoing things.

23. Horchata

Like a refreshing escape to a sun-drenched Mexico afternoon, the horchata tea is another delightful surprise from Starbucks' secret menu. This chilled approximation of traditional horchata captures its essence with an icy cool twist. Just like the conventional Mexican drink, this tea is a creamy, cinnamon-spiced option perfect for hot summer days.

Ordering this drink requires specificity: Ask for black iced tea with vanilla sweet cream and a dose of vanilla syrup. For the quintessential horchata experience, make sure to request that cinnamon dolce is shaken into the mix. The cinnamon imparts a subtle warmth that blends exquisitely with the creaminess and vanilla notes, striking a perfect balance.

22. Thai Iced Tea

This drink brings together an exciting fusion of flavors, creating a unique taste experience that transports you to the vibrant street markets of Thailand. To replicate this at Starbucks, ask for iced black tea with no water, white chocolate mocha sauce, and toffee nut syrup, all shaken with coconut milk. Ask for a sprinkle of cinnamon on top to complete that authentic Thai Iced Tea experience.

With each sip of the drink, you'll experience a familiar milk tea vibe but with a distinctive Thai twist. Its nutty, creamy flavors combine harmoniously, making Thai Iced Tea a creamy tea option that stands out in the Starbucks drink universe.

21. Peach Milk Tea

For those with an adventurous palate, the secret menu's Peach Milk Tea promises a journey into an unexpected flavor combination that works delightfully well. With a blend reminiscent of peaches and cream, this drink offers an unusual but pleasing mix of creamy sweetness and tart freshness.

To enjoy this fruity, creamy delight, order a peach green tea, but with a twist. Ask for it to be made with heavy cream instead of water, and swap out the classic syrup for vanilla syrup. Despite the seemingly odd pairing of flavors, the Peach Milk Tea avoids an anticipated clash. Instead, mingling the heavy cream with the peach flavors results in a surprisingly harmonious blend.

20. Lavender Haze

Dive into the allure of Lavender Haze, a visually captivating and flavor-packed secret menu tea from Starbucks that's perfect for social media snaps and for those who appreciate unique flavors. This drink comes with particular ordering instructions to achieve its distinctive hue: It's best to order it in person, ensuring that almond milk is used in place of water instead of merely a splash. But a warning to those who drink it in the restaurant: Be prepared to answer a few "what is that?" queries.

Order an iced passion tea with a twist to bring this Instagrammable concoction to life. Substitute water with almond milk, and ask for vanilla syrup: five pumps for a venti, four for a grande, and three for a tall.

19. Sweet Symphony

What sets the Sweet Symphony apart is the sweet cream cold foam. But this isn't your regular cold foam: It comes with a twist of peach and strawberry acai. The foam adds not only a creamy texture but also a hint of tartness that balances the underlying sweetness of the drink. The result is a layered beverage that harmonizes sugary and tart, creamy and fruity in one grand symphony.

To get your hands on the Sweet Symphony, order an iced passion tea lemonade, ask for an addition of strawberry acai and peach juice blend. Request sweet cream cold foam on top, and make sure to mention that the peach and strawberry acai should be mixed into the cold foam.

18. Taro

Order an iced passion tea with soy milk, ask for vanilla and toffee nut syrup, and prepare yourself for a truly unique taste in this delightfully offbeat beverage. As for the proportions of that syrup, you'll need to request four pumps each for a venti, three for a grande, and two for a tall.

The resulting drink is an exciting blend of sweet, nutty, and refreshing flavors. Its distinctive color only adds to its charm, making it as visually appealing as it is enjoyable to drink — another off-the-grid Starbucks creation perfect for your social media. Drawing inspiration from the subtly sugary, slightly nutty flavors of taro, this concoction will leave a striking, lingering impression on your tastebuds.

17. Peach Cobbler

This tea serves as a gentle reminder of the simple pleasures of life. It's warm, soothing, and subtly sweet, much like the beloved dessert it mimics. To get this comforting concoction, start with a grande Peach Tranquility tea. Then, add one pump each of cinnamon, brown sugar, and vanilla syrup. The result is an intriguing hot tea that tastes remarkably similar to a peach cobbler fresh from the oven.

The added syrups provide a significant sweetness to this concoction, making it a perfect treat for anyone with a sweet tooth. However, be mindful of the steeping time. Since Starbucks uses ultra-hot water, it's crucial not to let the tea steep for too long to avoid any potential bitterness.

16. Milk Tea Matcha Latte

The Milk Tea Matcha Latte is a creative concoction that offers a new way to enjoy that delicious Starbucks traditional matcha flavor, complete with a rich layer of cream on top. To order the top-secret Milk Tea Matcha Latte, ask your barista for an iced matcha latte with three pumps of brown sugar syrup for a venti, two for a grande, and one for a tall. 

It's the next step, however, that takes the drink to another level. So, don't forget to top it all off with vanilla sweet cream cold foam. Also worth noting: Matcha has been in short supply in many Starbucks locations, so your own local availability might vary.

15. Dirty Chai

To order a Dirty Chai, ask for a chai tea with a shot of espresso added. The result is a spicy, invigorating drink with a pleasing depth of flavor. The espresso gives the chai a robust dimension, while the chai's aromatic spices soften the espresso's intensity.

On one of our visits, a barista added caramel, providing an extra layer of sweetness and an appealing look. However, the caramel is subtle and doesn't overpower the chai or espresso flavors; it seems more of an aesthetic touch than anything else. If you prefer an iced version of the Dirty Chai, we recommend asking for extra ice since the hot espresso shot can quickly melt your ice, resulting in a less refreshing drink.

14. Peach Ring Gummy

Candy-inspired drinks can add a playful twist to your beverage routine, and Starbucks' secret menu offers a delightful option for those who possess a sweet tooth. Borrowing its flavor profile from those beloved peach ring gummy candies, this caffeine-free beverage is a hit amongst both young and older Starbucks enthusiasts.

Simply ask for a passion tea made with peach juice instead of water. What you'll get in return is a sweet, fruity, and refreshing beverage that will satisfy all cravings for something outside-the-box. Since this drink is caffeine-free, it's also a perfect kid-friendly secret menu drink for younger Starbucks fans, or anyone looking to enjoy a flavorful drink without the caffeine jolt.

13. The Princess Drink

Although it's hard to nail down quite what it is about this one, this drink just feels like the perfect drink for Mia Thermopolis. Whether it's the regal color or the pampered taste, to create the royally-named beverage, passion tea is blended with coconut milk and a hint of vanilla syrup. The mixture is then topped with a generous layer of sweet cream cold foam.

While these additions don't significantly alter the passion tea's flavor, they do lend a creamy smoothness that is pleasantly contrasting to the usual texture of the tea. Visually, the Princess Drink makes for a great Instagram moment too, with its vibrant color and creamy foam topping suitable for royalty.

12. Macadamia Chai Latte

To order the Macadamia Chai Latte, request an iced oat milk chai tea latte and add macadamia syrup. This syrup is a relatively new addition to Starbucks offerings, one that you'll typically find added to their cold brew. Whether you're a fan of nutty flavors or just looking to try something different, the Macadamia Chai Latte offers a unique twist on a classic chai latte.

Combining the richness of macadamia with the spice of chai and the creaminess of oat milk, this beverage offers an indulgent flavor profile. However, the Macadamia Chai Latte might not be for everyone. The strong macadamia flavor can make the drink rather nutty, and to some this might be overpowering.

11. Fall Breeze Tea

As seasons change, so do our cravings. If you're longing for a warm and cozy beverage that perfectly encapsulates the spirit of autumn before the full fall menu rolls out, Starbucks' secret menu offers the Fall Breeze Tea.

Request a Venti Iced Chai Tea Latte made breve by using half and half, add four pumps of cinnamon dolce syrup (or adjust the pumps based on the size of the drink), and don't forget to ask for a caramel drizzle. The Fall Breeze Tea is a delightful fusion of chai and caramel flavors, intertwined with the spicy warmth of cinnamon. If you really love caramel, we recommend lining the cup with caramel too.

10. Brown Sugar Strawberry Milk Tea

To order the Brown Sugar Strawberry Milk Tea, ask for an iced green tea made with coconut milk instead of water. Then add strawberry purée, and request it to be topped with vanilla sweet cream cold foam, mixed with brown sugar syrup. The result in something really special, like two tastes that don't belong together but surprisingly work well in tandem.

We found this to be an unexpectedly delicious combination of flavors, and the brown sugar nicely mixes with the strawberry. The coconut milk helps ensure that the drink doesn't become too milky, and this combination is certainly sweet, but not overwhelming. People who enjoy fruity and creamy beverages will most certainly enjoy this one.

9. Chai Apple Tea

The Chai Apple Tea offers a remarkable fusion of flavors that feels like sipping on a perfectly seasoned apple cider. This drink is for anyone who loves the sweet and spiced taste of autumn in a cup.

To order the Chai Apple Tea, simply ask for the Caramel Apple Spice and add chai concentrate, adjusting the number of pumps to your liking. If you're a chai enthusiast and love its complex spice profile, consider asking for extra pumps of the chai concentrate to enhance its presence in the drink. This adjustment can transform the beverage into an ultra-seasoned apple cider, bursting with the delicious harmony of apple, rich caramel, and bold chai spices.

8. Vanilla Chai

At its core, the Vanilla Chai is simply a chai latte — either hot or iced — infused with vanilla syrup. This humble addition, however, makes a world of difference in taste. The velvety notes of vanilla blend seamlessly with the vibrant blend of cardamom, ginger, cinnamon, and cloves in the chai, adding a comforting sweetness that rounds off the drink's overall flavor profile.

The vanilla syrup can be adjusted to your liking. Those with a penchant for sugary beverages can opt for more, while those who prefer a more subtle sweetness can go for less. Conversely, the syrup can be substituted with a sugar-free version, making this drink a versatile option for those watching their sugar intake.

7. White Chocolate Cinnamon Chai Latte

This indulgent concoction begins with a chai latte, prepared with whole milk and no water to ensure a creamy base. White mocha introduces a velvety, indulgent sweetness that complements the robust chai. Additionally, cinnamon dolce syrup is added to underscore the chai's natural spiciness, lending a warm, aromatic depth to the drink. Despite its rich array of ingredients, the beverage maintains a pleasing consistency, never becoming overly thick.

To get the full experience of this unique drink, it's best to order a dollop of whipped cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon on top. This final touch enhances the overall sensory experience, ensuring that the White Chocolate Cinnamon Chai Latte tastes fantastic — and looks and smells the part, too.

6. Gingerbread Latte

If you're craving a holiday treat even though it isn't the holiday season, you're in luck with the secret menu Gingerbread Latte. This warming beverage captures the cozy essence of winter festivities, and is available to be enjoyed any time of year.

If you're interested in trying this festive drink, ask for a grande Cinnamon Dolce Latte with two pumps of white mocha and one pump of chai. Depending on what's available at your Starbucks, request a dusting of cinnamon or nutmeg to top it off. We're curious about what this drink might taste like iced; the refreshing coolness might pair nicely with the drink's rich, spicy flavors, potentially making it a year-round favorite.

5. Strawberry Green Tea

For the fruit tea lovers out there, the secret menu Strawberry Green Tea can provide a refreshing twist to the typical green tea fix. This drink starts off as a Strawberry Açaí refresher, a beloved Starbucks staple known for its tart flavors and subtle sweetness, then becomes something more.

Here's where the magic happens: When the water is replaced with green tea, it not only enhances the overall flavor but also brings an earthy balance to the strawberry açaí. Remember, you'll want to specifically ask for this drink with no water to ensure that the green tea becomes the main liquid base. Without replacing the water, it simply won't taste the same.

4. Crunchy Chai

Adding a little crunch to a Starbucks favorite, the Crunchy Chai is an original secret menu item that marries the contrasting worlds of a Caramel Ribbon Crunch Frappuccino and chai. This caffeinated medley was born out of a desire to create something unique and unexpected, and it delivers just that.

Upon ordering, you'll notice that the spicy chai takes center stage, with its intense flavors overtaking the usual prominence of the caramel. The chai adds a rich, spicy dimension to the creamy Frappuccino, resulting in a robust, complex beverage. If chai isn't typically your go-to drink, you might want to consider scaling back on it somewhat to maintain a more nuanced balance between the flavors.

3. Tea With The Queen

While the name may suggest a stately tea party, the "Tea with the Queen" drink is our own original secret menu creation, one that will transform your ordinary Starbucks run into a regal experience. This luxurious concoction combines a Royal English Breakfast Tea Latte with breve, vanilla syrup, and a topping of vanilla sweet cream cold foam.

The "Tea with the Queen" beverage is a testament to the often-underestimated deliciousness of tea lattes at Starbucks. It's a delightful drink for anyone seeking a slightly less common, but no less flavorful, option at their local Starbucks. With its creamy texture and perfectly balanced sweetness, it provides a regal experience with every sip.

2. Sangria

Inspired by the classic sangria drink of seasons past at Starbucks, this sangria is our own secret menu offering, bringing a refreshing and fruity concoction that brings together a delightful mix of flavors. You'll order Iced Passion Tea with apple and peach juice, along with a medley of the different fruit inclusions available.

When ordering the Sangria, it's important to request it with no water to get the full effect of the flavors. This modification ensures that the drink remains vibrant and bursts with fruity goodness. Upon taking your first sip, you'll be greeted with a burst of fruitiness that is very reminiscent of real sangria. The apple juice takes center stage, providing a prominent and refreshing flavor profile.

1. Olaf's Chai

Inspired by the lovable snowman from the "Frozen" movies, Olaf's Chai is a whimsical creation that combines the comforting flavors of white hot chocolate and the spiciness of chai. This original secret menu item pays homage to Olaf's love for summertime adventures, as well as his fondness for hot chocolate.

The drink begins with a base of white hot chocolate, which offers a creamy and tasty flavor profile. Then, chai pumps are added to infuse the beverage with a delightful touch of spiciness. The combination of the chai and white mocha creates a harmonious blend that is both sweet and slightly spicy, just like Olaf himself. Once you take a sip, you'll have a hard time letting it go.