The 40 Absolute Best Wine And Sandwich Pairings

The simple meal of two slices of bread filled with various ingredients is an American staple. On average, Americans eat over 200 sandwiches annually. In fact, 58% of Americans make a sandwich for lunch once a week. 

Across the pond, however, enjoying a sandwich with a glass of wine is a natural part of European culture. A sandwich is a vital part of a meal, but wine is the other, equally important part. Wine enhances a sandwich's flavors and creates a balance between the two. This practice is rare in America, but we embrace it. Bread and wine are delicious together, as are cheese, steak, vegetables, chicken, etc. In other words, crusty bread packed with delicious fillings perfectly matches a fermented grape beverage.

However, which wines go with what fillings? We have rounded-up 40 selections to enjoy with classic sandwiches. Enjoy a glass to elevate your average lunch or dinnertime sammie.

1. Scallop slider with rosé Champagne

Scallops are at the top of the list when considering luxurious seafood, aligned with lobster and crab. For a sandwich featuring sweet, savory, high-end ingredient, pair a glass of premium sparkling wine, Laurent-Perrier Rosé Champagne. 

Delicate and refined, the 100% pinot noir Champagne opens with an abundant mousse that gives way to luscious wild berries, cherries, and toasted spice. The wine is nicely structured, with bright acidity to balance the scallop's buttery richness.

2. Philly cheesesteak and California cabernet sauvignon

Traditionally, a Philly cheesesteak uses a ribeye cut of beef. The meat is juicy and well-marbled with fat. And there is no better pairing with a fatty ribeye than California cabernet sauvignon. The wine's tannin will cut through the richness, enhancing the overall flavor. We suggest a selection from Sonoma, like Jordan Alexander Valley cabernet sauvignon, with black cherry, cassis, chocolate, and tobacco, elevating the savoriness of the sandwich.

3. Fried chicken with Blanc de Blancs Champagne

Nothing is better to pair with an ultimate fried chicken sandwich than brut-style 100% chardonnay-based Blanc de Blancs Champagne. The drink enhances any fried food. Still, with chicken, the bubbles elevate the flavors. The wine's zippy, refreshing character cuts through the richness of the fry. Its yeasty brioche and hazelnut notes meld with the crispy batter. The chardonnay's citrus, stone, and orchard fruit flavors compliment the juicy poultry.

4. Smoked salmon and cucumber with Chablis

A proper tea service becomes complete with smoked salmon, cream cheese, and cucumber sandwiches with a glass of dry white wine, like a mineral-rich, refreshing glass of Chablis. The crisp, lively, high-acidity French wine balances the richness of the smoked fish and cream cheese while complementing the cucumber's freshness. The chardonnay-based wines are grown in limestone, fossil, and chalk-filled Kimmeridgian marl soils, giving the wine its distinctive mineral-intense character.

5. Croque Madame with Brut Nature Champagne

France's croque monsieur has inspired numerous international sandwiches, including America's Monte Cristo, Portugal's Francesinha, Spain's bikini, and the croque madame. The difference between a croque monsieur and a croque madame is the madame includes a fried egg adorning the top of the hot ham and cheese sandwich swimming in bechamel. 

To enjoy this decadent delight, pair it with a crisp, lively Brut Nature or ultra brut-style Champagne. The wine has zero additional sugars added during the dosage phase of production, delivering a sparkler with bright acidity and complexity, balancing the creamy sauce and runny egg.

6. Roasted turkey with pinot noir

Roasted turkey and pinot noir are a classic Thanksgiving pairing. The wine has bright acidity, a medium body, and flavors ranging from juicy red berries to black cherries. Its characteristics enhance the bird's flavors and the traditional side dishes. 

Similarly, the wine will pair with a turkey sandwich from holiday leftovers or deli-sliced lunch meat. We love a Willamette Valley selection, like Archery Summit Dundee Hills pinot noir. It has ripe red fruits, woody herbs, and forest floor notes, and is delicious with herb-roasted turkey.

7. Reuben with gewurztraminer

Devouring a Reuben sandwich is pleasurable when leftover corned beef is available. It is an Irish-American delicacy. To pair, we suggest a gewurztraminer from Alsace, France, like Trimbach. 

Though the pairing may seem unlikely, the spicy floral notes of the white wine cut through the meat's richness and marry with the earthy rye spice. The dry wine's pineapple and lychee fruit flavors balance the tangy, vinegary bite of the sauerkraut and dressing.

8. Chicken Caesar Wrap with sauvignon blanc

The wrap sandwich is one of the tastiest and most convenient ways to eat on the go, especially when filled with savory chicken Caesar salad. We love a zesty, high-acid, New Zealand sauvignon blanc to pair with the juicy chicken, earthy romaine, and tangy anchovy-laced dressing. Craggy Range Te Muna layers tropical passionfruit, grapefruit, and crushed stone. It will balance the savory sauce while complementing the lettuce's vegetal notes.

9. Tuna Melt with Vinho Verde

The tuna melt may seem like a simple sandwich. However, pairing premium ingredients with an exceptional wine will take this deli favorite to new heights. To begin, the crucial tuna melt detail uses high-quality tuna canned in oil. The oil's fat enhances the flavor. Good mayonnaise, thick, rustic bread, and sharp cheese are also required. 

And lastly, a lively, fresh white wine pairing. We suggest Esporão Bico Amarelo Vinho Verde from Portugal. Vinho Verde blends native varieties to create ripe grapes, peaches, and saline flavors, elevating the taste of the fish.

10. French dip with Bordeaux Supérieur

The traditional French dip sandwich begins with slow-roasted, heavily-marbled roast beef, thinly sliced and nested inside a soft bun and served with beefy au jus. Despite its name, the sandwich originated in a Los Angeles restaurant, not France. 

However, the ideal pairing is a hearty French Bordeaux Supérieur. The designation refers to the red blend being of higher quality than the general Bordeaux regional wines. The wines are concentrated and tannic, with black fruit, leather, and espresso, balancing the meaty sandwich.

11. Bikini panini with fino sherry

The Spanish mix of jamón ibérico, manchego, and truffle with a zesty, savory fino sherry will transport you to Barcelona, where the dish originated in the 1950s. The pressed, grilled ham and cheese sandwich elevates regional ingredients by including black truffle. 

Pair with a nutty, dry, savory fino sherry, like Tio Pepe. Its nutty, yeasty flavors enhance the savoriness of the bikini, while the fortified wine's acidity balances its richness.

12. Italian beef with Montepulciano d'Abruzzo

The Italian beef sandwich should not be confused with the French dip. Though they have similar meaty bases, the sandwich includes spicy pickled giardiniera, roasted red peppers, and a dousing of savory jus on top. In contrast, the dip's jus is on the side. 

To pair, we recommend a Montepulciano d'Abruzzo, like Maria Cvetic. The full-bodied Italian red wine has balanced acidity and tannin, with plum and spice notes enriching the meaty sandwich. 

13. BLT with rosé of pinot noir

Smoky bacon, crisp lettuce, and juicy tomatoes combine to create a delicious classic BLT sandwich, especially when paired with rosé of pinot noir. The salty, smoky bacon needs a medium-bodied wine with bright acidity and fruit-forward character. Mouth-watering and refreshing, Gran Moraine 100% pinot noir rosé bursts with crunchy layers of wild strawberry, watermelon, cherries, and white tea, harmonizing with the bacon's saltiness while balancing the tomatoes' natural acidity.

14. Bánh mì with riesling

The bánh mì sandwich is a flavor-packed combination of pickled vegetables, buttery pate, and hearty pork belly with spicy jalapenos and fresh cilantro. To pair, try a bone-dry riesling packed with steely, crushed stone minerality, fresh flowers, orchard fruit, and tart lemon to pair with this Vietnamese delight. We suggest a trocken, or dry, selection from Germany's Mosel region. The fruit's natural zesty acidity cuts through the fatty meat and unctuous pate.

15. Grilled cheese and chardonnay

As we already know, bread, cheese, and wine are a familiar combo. It becomes extraordinary when turned into a warm grilled cheese sandwich with an orchard and stone fruit-filled chardonnay. We love Chamisal San Luis Obispo Chardonnay from SLO Coast, with bright freshness and ripe fruit flavors to complement the sharp and creamy cheese. Enhance the fruitiness of the wine by adding a few slices of fresh apple to the sandwich, creating a heavenly apple-grilled cheese and wine combo.

16. Brisket sandwich with carignan

Thinking about a slow-smoked brisket sandwich makes our mouths water. The hearty sandwich, with layers of spice, smoke, and fat, requires a bold red wine to cut through its richness. We suggest a carignan from the Languedoc-Roussillon region of Southern France. 

The red variety is dense, robust, and powerful, with chewy tannins and fleshy acidity. It has spicy, savory characteristics that will complement any preparation of the meat, whether dry rubbed, peppered, or slathered in sauce.

17. Egg salad with carricante

Creamy egg salad spread between two slices of crusty bread is perfect for brunch, lunch, or even high tea. The mayonnaise-based salad often includes a combination of hard-boiled eggs, mustard, and scallions with creamy mayo requiring a crisp, clean white wine. We suggest a high-acid Sicilian white wine, like Tenuta Tascante' Buonora carricante. The refreshing white has zesty layers of lemon zest, lime leaf, and floral honeysuckle, with the necessary bite of acidity to balance the eggy richness.

18. Cubano with malbec

The hot, pressed Cubano sandwich tastes include roasted pork, cured ham, nutty Swiss, tangy mustard, and briny pickles. To pair, will want a wine with a medium body that won't overwhelm the sandwich flavors while having enough character to enhance the dish. We suggest a fruity, juicy malbec from Mendoza, like Unánime from Mascota Vineyards. The wine is packed with fresh morello cherry, black plum, and toasted spice, elevating the Cubano's flavors.

19. Fried fish with albarino

The fried fish sandwich includes a light white fish that is battered and deep fried to a perfect crisp before layering with lettuce and tangy tartar sauce. It has sweet, sharp, crunchy, oceanic flavors. To pair, we love a Spanish albarino from Rias Baixas. The variety thrives on Spain's western coast, where salty ocean breezes off the Atlantic blow through the vineyards. The winds give the refreshing, sun-kissed white wine salinity that combines with juicy citrus and fresh wildflowers, perfect with the sandwich.

20. Pastrami with carmenere

The Reuben and pastrami sandwiches begin similarly as both start with brisket. However, Reuben's meat is cured, and the pastrami is heavily spiced and cold smoked to create a thick cut of meat that is then thinly sliced an layered onto rye bread lacquered with mustard. It is the ultimate deli sandwich. 

To pair, enjoy an equally spicey wine enriching the meat while balancing the tang of the mustard. We suggest the signature variety of Chile, Carménère with blackberry, crushed black pepper, and paprika flavors.

21. Peanut butter & jelly with port

Creamy peanut butter with sweet jam layered between two slices of bread is a no-frills sandwich combination. Though simple, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich always delivers a delicious bite. 

With similar jam-like dried fruit flavors, and thick, rich consistency, the best pairing is a ruby port, like Graham's Six Grapes Reserve. With red cherry and black plum flavors, the fortified wine's fruitiness complements the jelly's sweetness while balancing the nutty richness.

22. Skirt steak with grenache

A heavily marbled skirt steak sandwich is a meaty lover's dream. The beef is flash cooked to ensure the fatty meat will melt in your mouth before being topped with anything from chimichurri to peppery arugula and herb aioli. 

We suggest a pairing with Yalumba Bush Vine grenache layered with juicy plum, cherry, and black tea. With chewy tannin and bright acidity, the medium-bodied wine cuts through the meat's chewy attributes.

23. Lobster roll with Napa Valley chardonnay

The lobster roll is the quintessential sandwich indulgence. Sweet lobster is piled into a warm roll, slathered with mayo, and topped with butter. You could try a crisp, light, high-acid wine to cut through the richness. However, we suggest a creamy, full-bodied wine pairing, like Duckhorn chardonnay. The wine enjoys mostly barrel fermentation before aging in French oak. The result is a well-rounded, creamy wine with citrus blossom and tropical fruits, delicious with the succulent shellfish.

24. Hot brown with syrah

The hot brown is Louisville, Kentucky's favorite sandwich. A combination of turkey, tomatoes, and mornay sauce served atop white bread and finished with a few strips of bacon. 

Enjoy a smoky, spicy syrah with the flavor-packed dish. Syrah's taste varies based on where it grows, so try an Old World wine from the Rhone or a New World wine with Old World style, like La Sangre de Jonata from Santa Barbara County. The wine has spicy pepper, blackberry, and meaty, bacon-fat flavors.

25. Chicken salad with pinot grigio

A fresh, crisp, and creamy chicken salad sandwich is a delicious light lunch go-to. Lean chicken mixes with crunchy celery, green apples, mustard, mayo, and fresh herbs. 

To pair, look for a crisp white wine with a medium body, nice texture, and a fleshy, fruity palate, like a pinot grigio. The versatile wine has notes of honeysuckle, lemon, and stone fruit with zesty acidity, enhancing each component of the chicken salad.

26. Italian meatball with Chianti Classico

To pair with a hardy Italian meatball sandwich, try a Chianti Classico from Tuscany, Italy. The high-acid Sangiovese-based wine pairs well with the meatball's sharp tomato sauce. The wine's punchy astringency cuts through the richness of the meatballs while integrating with the natural bite of the tomato sauce. Mouthwatering, juicy, and dry, Banfi Chianti Classico opens with earthy herbal and leather notes that meld with ripe red cherry and berry.

27. Club sandwich with Provençal rosé

The club sandwich is an iconic American sandwich. You will likely find the double-decker sandwich on the room service menu of every hotel in the country. 

Pair the classic with a dry Provençal rosé, like Chateau Miraval. For over 2,600 years, the region has been producing delicate rosé wines. Miraval's grenache, cinsault, and rolle mix creates layers of juicy red berries, honeydew melon, fresh flowers, and herbs.

28. Monte Cristo with lambrusco

The Monte Cristo sandwich consists of ham and cheese layered between thick white bread and dipped into a custard batter before pan-frying until golden brown. A ramekin of jelly often accompanies the dish for dipping. 

We say skip the jam and enjoy an effervescent lambrusco. Cleto Chiarli Vecchia Modena Premium showcases the lambrusco di Sorbara variety displaying wild berries, soft herbs, and fresh wildflowers. With bright acidity and balanced tannins, the wine elevates each sandwich ingredient.

29. Pulled pork with zinfandel

Barbecued pulled pork sandwiches are a natural pairing with spicy, fruit-forward zinfandel. The peppery, jammy grape variety compliments the sweet, spicy smokiness of the slow-cooked meat. 

We suggest peppery zinfandel from sun-drenched Paso Robles, like Epoch Cellars zinfandel. The wine has structure, freshness, and refinement, with layers of black licorice, blackberry, toasted vanilla, and crushed pepper. Luscious and lively, the wine is divine with a fatty, sweet, and tangy pork sandwich.

30. Pimento cheese with zweigelt

The classic pimento cheese sandwich includes a savory, spicy, creamy combination of various cheeses, peppers, and spices, creating a cheesy southern staple spread. The pairing needs to stand up to the richness while taming the spice. 

We enjoy the sandwich with zweigelt. The deeply-colored Austrian red wine has a light body and approachable character, layering berries, cherries, and spices. Weingut Paul Achs zweigelt balances acidity and tannin with juicy fruit flavors.

31. Italian sub with barbera

Layers of fatty, salty salami, prosciutto, mortadella, ham, and capicola combine with sharp provolone cheese, vinegar, and olive oil on hoagie rolls to create the ultimate Italian sub sandwich. Select a wine with tart, fresh acidity, and low tannin to pair. 

A barbera will balance the powerful flavor combination. The wine has floral and herbal characteristics with juicy red fruits and dried leaves. It subdues the meat's saltiness while enhancing the natural umami notes.

32. Shrimp po boy with cava

Fried food and sparkling wine are a natural pairing. The rich, fatty flavors of batter-dipped and fried foods need high-acid, refreshing wines to cut through the richness. We love a cava from Spain for pairing with a fried shrimp po boy

Segura Viudas Brut is made using the traditional method of Champagne with Spanish grapes. The clean, dry, sparkling wine layers citrus, brioche, and a hint of saline, fantastic for pairing with the fried shellfish.

33. Sloppy Joe with Côtes du Rhône

The Sloppy Joe has been an American favorite since the 1930s. The loose meat sandwich combines ground beef with sweet tomato, pepper, and onion. The meat is piled high onto a soft bun and served blazing hot. 

We love the sandwich with an earthy, herbaceous wine, like a Côtes du Rhône. Belleruche Côtes du Rhône offers red and black fruit flavors with earthy, dried herbs de Provence.

34. Patty melt with Walla Walla merlot

The classic patty melt and classic cheeseburger are similar—both sandwich meat and cheese between two slices of bread. However, the patty melt is distinct for including Swiss cheese, caramelized onions, and earthy rye bread. 

Try a medium-bodied merlot from Washington to pair with this combination of flavors, like Seven Hills Winery Walla Walla merlot. The wine thrives in the mineral-rich soils of Walla Walla, giving an earthy, savory character to the blackberry, plum, and star anise-filled wine.

35. Breakfast sandwich with Prosecco

A breakfast sandwich can include everything from bacon and eggs to tomatoes, avocados, cheese, and more. For classic sausage, egg, and cheese, we suggest elevating your morning by serving it with a glass of sparkling Prosecco Superiore. 

 The fruity sweetness of the drink enhances the egg's buttery flavor while balancing the meaty sausage. Villa Sandi La Rivetta Cartizze Brut is bright and fresh, with wildflowers, golden citrus, and peaches, with crisp minerality.

36. Gyro with xinomavro

The gyro is the staple sandwich of Greek cuisine. Soft grilled pita bread is layered with beef or lamb and topped with herbed tzatziki, red onions, tomatoes, and cucumbers. 

The fatty, savory, meaty dish needs a bold, tannic, structured wine. We recommend a Greek xinomavro. The robust, tannic, red variety from Northern Greece has savory notes of balsamic, black olive, and woody herbs that meld with black fruit flavors enhancing the meaty sandwich.

37. Egg and avocado with grüner veltliner

Buttery avocado and poached eggs on toasted bread become complete with a glass of grüner veltliner. It is one of the best types of wine to pair with avocado, thanks to its natural freshness and a hint of spiciness. 

Domane Wachau Grüner Veltliner Federspiel Terrassen has vibrant acidity and layers of white peach, white pepper, and crushed stone. The medium-body white wine will balance the richness of the hearty sandwich.

38. Falafel pita with Rueda

The falafel pita is loaded with warm, creamy chickpea fritters and packed with Middle Eastern flavors. The sandwich needs a zippy white wine pairing to tame the punchy garlic flavors while boosting the mix of fresh herbs and toasted spices, like cumin and coriander. 

We suggest fruit-forward verdejo with great acidity from Spain's Rueda region. The variety resembles a sauvignon blanc, with herbaceous, grassy notes and layers of fresh fennel, melon, and citrus.

39. Caprese sandwich with vermentino

The Caprese sandwich is an Italian salad of tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil layered between a crusty baguette. It's best to pair a wine with zesty freshness to match the acidity of the fresh tomatoes, like a vermentino. 

The native Italian white variety is crisp, lean, and lively, with fresh lemon-lime, crushed stone, tropical fruits, and crunchy salinity. Sentiero del Vento is clean and bright flavor profile enhances each ingredient of the Caprese.

40. Muffuletta with Rioja

Enjoying a classic muffuletta while visiting the Big Easy is a New Orleans right of passage. The round sandwich layered with Genoa salami, ham, Swiss, and provolone and topped with briny olive salad has been a part of the city's culture since the early 1900s. 

The sharp, fatty flavors of the muffuletta need a wine with natural balance and approachability, like tempranillo from Rioja. The wine has medium tannin and acidity, with delicate fruit, earthy, leather, and tobacco notes.