How One NYC Restaurant Utilizes Food Science For Its Middle Eastern Dishes

Located on 1st Avenue in New York City's is a charming restaurant serving Middle Eastern cuisine to families all over the neighborhood. It's no surprise that a beloved restaurant in the heart of the Big Apple's Upper East Side has a curated menu full of delicious dishes that satiate every palate — New York City is a foodie's paradise, after all. However, this restaurant's approach to merging culinary expertise with food science makes it stand out.

While chefs worldwide are studying culinary arts to master flavor with ingredients and food preparation, food scientists are also studying cross-discipline fields like chemistry, biochemistry, and nutrition (via the Institution of Food Technology). Food scientists ensure that quality and ingredient compatibility is measured on both a macro and micro level to create healthy, flavorful, and well-balanced dishes. So, while many restaurants around the world are putting a primary focus on the culinary arts, the restaurant Lashevet combines two food-based practices to elevate their menu to a whole new height.

Introducing Lashevet: the perfect balance of flavor and quality

Paired in business and life, couple Boris Lidukhover and Lola (Larisa) Sheihet opened Lashevet as a way to share their world of food with the community. In Hebrew, Lashevet means to sit and settle — and that's precisely what they hope their customers do, according to Lashevet Restaurant. Not only are restaurant-goers welcomed with a warm and cozy ambiance, but a menu that has been crafted with the best intention of flavor, quality ingredients, and science-backed expertise (via Time Out New York).

The restaurant is a brainchild of Lidukhover, an experienced NYC restauranteur, and Sheihet, an awarded doctorate in food science (The New York Times). They teamed with Moroccan-born chef Jay Moulay Alami to offer a specialized menu focusing on a food-science approach. In the mornings and afternoons, Lashevet is a meat-free experience with various vegetarian and vegan offerings like tabbouleh salad and mezze plates with sesame ka'ak bread. At dinner, the Lashevet menu expands to offer meat-based, and fish menu items like their iconic lamb burger or MeHayam Salmon paired alongside hummus and roasted cauliflower (via Lashevet Restaurant).

Along with providing a wonderfully crafted meal, Lashevet also believes a restaurant must work harmoniously to optimize the dining experience — just like ingredients work together to maximize flavor and quality. In an interview with Tasting Table owner Lola (Larisa) Sheihet said,  "In chemistry, one the most important laws (revolves around) measurement results, and that's how Lashevet's operates. All molecules [ingredients], solvents [service team], catalysts [Chef and owners] are accurately blended to produce an unforgettable experience for Lashevet patrons."