Why It's Worth It To Invest In A Frozen Drink Machine

Chilling and mixing components are integral steps during cocktail-making. And while not all slings may be served with ice, there's an undeniable allure to a cooling frozen drink. Who wouldn't want an ice-cold frozen margarita or daiquiri on a sunny patio?

However, to achieve that perfect slushie consistency, it's necessary to invest in a frozen drink machine. The contraption compresses ice to an ideal crushed consistency, all the while perfectly blending in the boozy components. Therefore, the frost liquid goes down smoothly, sans jagged edges that ruin the texture and taste.

It may seem like only commercial-grade machines can achieve such a feat, but with some investment, it can be replicated in the home. In fact, even a high-end blender will do the job, although the power output must be strong enough to avoid breakdown. Let's dive into the details of bringing a frozen drink machine into the home.

Benefits of a frozen drink machine

When exploring frozen drink machines, take note there are various options. Some hold the ability to carbonate a beverage — which can be a fun textural component — but not what's called for in classic frozen cocktail recipes. Instead, purchase machines with a shaved ice option, sold specifically for granitas, cocktails, and smoothies. Not only do such contraptions produce the perfect ice crystals, but they often control the water amount, too. This will aid in not diluting the mix, lending to a better-meshed consistency. Additionally, drink machines can regulate other factors like the temperature and aid in integrating ideal ingredient proportions.

Of course, the contraption won't produce a perfect frozen drink on its own — it's all about the components. Utilize high-quality liquors, liqueurs, and aromatics to get the most out of your frozen drink. And invite some friends to share — the machines are perfect for batching cocktails in a social setting.