How Aluminum Foil Will Help Get Spices To Stick To Roast Beef

Aluminum foil is a secret weapon for the culinary curious. Sure, you can use it as a makeshift lid for a pot or bowl when you are placing something in the fridge or in the oven; and it's perfect to whip out when you want to mimic a roasting rack in a pinch. But there are many ways to use aluminum foil that you may not have considered, including when you are using a spice rub on meat.

Foil is your friend when you want to craft a homemade rub for roast beef and make certain all those seasonings and spices stick to the cracks and crevices of your protein of choice. Using this silvery wrap does two important things for your seasoning process. First, it acts as a barrier between your meat and the countertop, ensuring you begin with a clean surface as you drag the meat across the foil-covered area. No one wants bacteria all over their food.

Shiny or dull side?

Secondly, aluminum foil creates just the right environment for the seasoning to adhere to your meat as you roll it around and pick up any of those lovely flavors that haven't found their spot on the meat. Because a rub is not going to penetrate beyond the outer layer of your meat, and instead, will create a mouthwatering and flavorful bark-like crust, it's important when you use this technique that the rub clings to the outside as it cooks. This will ensure all of those flavors stick and transform the taste of what you are crafting.

If you are wondering if it matters if you use the shiny side of your foil or the dull side, wonder no more. Both sides work equally well when it comes to getting your herbs and seasonings to adhere to your foods. Just be careful not to rip your foil in the process. It tends to be on the fragile side and you may want to consider a double layer for just this reason.