5 Ways To Use Aluminum Foil

Five unexpected ways to take aluminum foil beyond food storage

Unless you're an avid camper, chances are your aluminum foil doesn't get to see much action beyond wrapping up leftovers. But like its cousin, plastic wrap, aluminum foil is more useful than it seems. Here are five ideas to get you started.

① Slice of Life. Cut sleek edges (and save your pan's coating) by lining a brownie pan with two overhanging pieces of foil so that it forms a sling. You'll be able to easily remove your goods once they're cooked and slice on the countertop. When you're done slicing, you're already set to use the foil for its original storage purpose.

② Blow Smoke. Don't bother investing in a heavy, new smoker when you can build your own that fits inside your oven. And smoking isn't just for barbecue anymore—add campfire flavor to everything from carrots to coleslaw.

③ Line 'Em Up. Place a piece of foil on your sheet trays before roasting vegetables or baking cookies for easy removal, especially if you like crispy edges. Bonus: Your pan won't get dirty, meaning less cleanup later.

④ Save Your Bacon. An accordioned foil rack helps keep your oven-cooked bacon from going limp. It will also let you easily drain out and save the bacon fat for dressing up baked potatoes or making a showstopping snack mix.

⑤ Control the Burn. Keep baked goods from overbrowning by covering them with a piece of foil. Micromanage browning further by cutting item-specific shapes, like a ring to protect the crust on your berry pie.

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