The Best Canned Ingredient To Have On Hand For Summer Grilling

Food cooked on the backyard grill has the ability to carry special appeal, but to elevate the meals you assemble outside, there's one ingredient you must consider keeping within easy reach: canned peaches. Whether you've stocked your kitchen cupboards with homemade canned peaches or picked up a few cans from the store, the juicy stone fruit has the ability to transform tonight's barbecue without much effort.

From tempting flatbreads, chunky salsas, roasted desserts, and cobblers served warm, seared peaches can bring a delightful taste of smoky freshness to a variety of recipes. Versatile and sweet, canned whole peaches cut into halves can be quickly set onto a hot grill, cooked, and incorporated into your main dishes, side recipes, or served as part of dessert. Think of grilled peaches as a blank canvas waiting for your culinary creations: cinnamon, paprika, chili powder, cardamon, and thick flakes of salt all have their place when peaches enter the party.

A quick route to Flavortown

When setting out to grill canned peaches for your barbecue dinner, first pat them dry, then brush the surface with a neutral olive oil. You'll want to place the fruit onto a grill that isn't too hot (or the cooler side of the grill), giving each some space while you wait for caramelization to occur and char marks to form. Give each side a few minutes to cook, and once they've cooled a bit, dress the peaches in any way you've been dreaming about.

For something sweet, top the warmed fruit with sprinkles of sugar blended with cinnamon or clove powder to serve with sugary whipped cream or vanilla ice cream. Whether you're wanting to use those grilled peaches in a summer salad, a side dish, or blended into a salsa and paired with grilled pork belly, there are dozens of ways to adorn them. Try herbs like rosemary or basil, red pepper flakes, and freshly ground black pepper — whatever works to complement the other flavors in your recipes.