The Simple Way To Elevate Home-Canned Peaches

Canned peaches are one of those ingredients that can help you keep delicious dishes coming out of your kitchen all year long. From cold peach soup to grilled pork belly, home-canned peaches offer a bright touch to recipes, and, as Saveur notes, are quite simple to make yourself. Plus, Tastes Better from Scratch encourages home canners to try some customization when they can the fruit at home. From choosing the sweetener used in the canning process to selecting the kind of syrup that the peaches will rest in, canned peaches offer the perfect opportunity for a bit of culinary experimentation.

Peaches canned at home are far superior to those bought at the store, insists Self Proclaimed Foodie. And while canning can take some time to get right, once you're finished canning your peeled fruits, you'll have a tasty treat that can be eaten immediately or added to recipes post-peach season. To take canned peaches to new heights, you may want to consider what else you might add to your canning jars.

A touch of spice

Once you are ready to start canning a batch of peaches, consider incorporating vanilla beans into the jars, recommends Self Proclaimed Foodie. The peaches will taste so good that you can even present the jars as gifts to friends and family.

Tastes Better from Scratch adds a cinnamon stick to the bottom of each canning jar before filling the container with fruit and syrup. For those looking to reduce sugar intake, Tastes Better from Scratch also suggests swapping out the white sweetener for either honey or juice.

Once your deliciously flavored canned peaches are ready to go, you'll be set up with an easy-to-use ingredient that can be quickly added to desserts like our blackberry peach cobbler or placed into smoothies for a sweet, spiced addition. Canned peaches flavored with cinnamon can also be the perfect oatmeal topping or be used to make a glaze for tonight's pork chops. You'll only wonder why you didn't start canning at home with a bit of spice sooner.