This Surprising Fruit Will Take Your Pork Chops To The Next Level

Pork chops, according to Kitchn, are cut from the ribs and the loin of the pig. Depending on your preferred cooking method, they can be thick or thin, bone-in or boneless, but definitely juicy and full of flavor. What makes pork chops so popular is their versatility, per the Star-Advertiser, and when it comes to selecting a co-star for this main attraction, apples are a go-to fruit for the cut of meat. After all, who doesn't remember Peter Brady from the "Brady Bunch" doing his Humphrey Bogart impersonation as he said, "Pork chops and apple sauce, swell." But this dynamic duo dates back further than this sitcom from the 1970s (via Britannica).

 The Brooklyn Homemaker shares that this classic combo existed hundreds of years ago when sugar was not in abundance and fruits were the preferred ingredient for sweetening foods. And while we concede apples and pork chops make for a wonderful fall meal, another fruit might surprise you with how well it pairs with pork chops. In fact, if apples are this meat's main squeeze in autumn, this other fruit is perfect for a culinary fling during the summer months.

Justin Bieber gets his down in Georgia

According to The Guardian and Chef Sam Grainger, the peach compliments pork chops so well that you may want to add it in heavy rotation to your summer menus. Grainger, who is a co-founder of a Liverpool restaurant, calls the peach and pork chop marriage "The ultimate" and suggests this sweet fruit goes best with pork chops with a lot of fat. Grainger told the outlet, "Pan-fry a chop. While it's resting, color halved peaches in the pan on medium heat for four or five minutes. They should soften but not turn to mush. For a great sauce, deglaze with fino sherry or white wine and add a good knob of butter to finish."

But that's not the method of using this seasonal fruit that has Justin Bieber crooning. Epicurious recommends creating a spicy peach salsa to match up with your pork chops. The cooking site notes the peach's acidity tames the pork chop's fatty goodness, and your mouth is left with the perfect balance of sweet and savory, tempered with a bit of heat from some jalapeno. But if you want to bring the summertime element of grilling into the mix while adding a little smokey flavor to your chops, The Noshery says why not make a barbecue sauce with your peaches and grill out. However you choose to prepare your pork chops, just know that adding peaches will take your meal to the next level.