The Pre-Packaged Shortcut For Quicker Korean Street Toast

South Korea's savory go-to sandwich, which is often called Korean Street toast, is a combination of sweet meets salty. This sandwich starts with two slices of butter-toasted bread. Between those two golden slices are layers that include an egg and vegetable patty, ham, cheese, ketchup, mayo, and either jam or sugar for a sweet touch. It is quite tasty, but shredding the fresh carrots, cabbage, and sometimes onions for the egg-vegetable patty can be time-consuming. Luckily, there is a quick pre-packaged shortcut you can use.

A TikToker revealed you can skip the cutting boards, knives, food processors, and graters by simply using a bag of pre-packaged coleslaw salad mix. It's a genius move, especially when you consider this salad mix contains both shredded green and purple cabbage, as well as carrots. That addition will not only give a pop of color to your Korean street toast but make it even more appetizing.

It's pre-washed too

Using a pre-packaged coleslaw mix of your choice actually saves you even more time because on top of the cabbage and carrots chopped up, all of the veggies have already been washed as well. The produce in these kits will still give you a crunchy texture and delicious flavor as they fry with the egg, which sends this timesaver to the top of its class. And if you want to really amp up the flavor of the veggies, you can use a pre-packaged chopped salad with herbs.

Of course, using a pre-packaged salad mix isn't the only shortcut to making this dish. If you like to make your Korean street toast in the mornings and you are crazy busy trying to get the kiddos out the door, you can also use liquid eggs, egg whites, or egg substitutes so you don't even have to crack an egg.