South Korea's Savory Go-To Breakfast Sandwich Features A Sweet Addition

Breakfast sandwiches are the glue that hold our barely-functioning mornings together, and for that we're so grateful. Whether you're always on-the-go or a frequent diner eater, breakfast sandwiches are a quick and filling option. East coast natives often opt for their classic bacon, egg, and cheese (on an everything bagel, of course), while the West coast has their beloved open-faced avocado toast

But, America doesn't have a monopoly on breakfast sandwiches, as they're enjoyed all over the world. Overseas, breakfast vendors in China often serve up jianbing, a crispy savory crepe sandwich, to their morning commuters, and the U.K. loves spreading their controversial Marmite on taste, according to Insider. However, one of the most unique breakfast sandwiches out there can be found in South Korea.

Korean street toast, aka Gilgeori toast, is the nutritious breakfast we all deserve, according to Beyond Kimchee. The filling sandwich is packed with savory ingredients, including "egg, cabbage, carrot, ham, and cheese between slices of buttery toasted bread." Plus, there is a sweet and savory combination of condiments that makes this on-the-go sandwich one of a kind.

A sweet and salty start to the day

No breakfast sandwich is complete without condiments, and Korean street toast features a contrasting set of condiments that will delight your taste buds. Both sugar (or jam) and ketchup are added to the sandwich for an enjoyable sweet and salty experience, according to Beyond Kimchee. Before you question this combination, think about the pure joy you experienced the last time you dipped your fries into a milkshake or had a dessert with a hefty sprinkling of sea salt.

The New York Times notes that for many Koreans, this is a nostalgic dish that is reminiscent of childhood. But, in the last couple decades, the sandwich had mostly vanished from the streets of Korea, per Kimchimari. However, the sandwich is seeing a resurgence in popularity, but with modern adoptions. Some new versions add mozzarella cheese to the sandwich or experiment with different condiment combinations, including different flavors of jam or adding mayo.

If you can't get to Korea to try this great sandwich for yourself, you can easily whip it up at home in about 20 minutes, per Kimchimari's recipe.