We Tried The Netflix Pop-Up Restaurant And It Fulfilled Our Iron Chef And Drink Masters Fantasies

Do you make a point of catching every cooking show on Netflix? Does your mouth water from all the gorgeous food shots on the various "Chef's Table" episodes? Have you wondered what it would be like to taste Ann Kim's famous Lady Zaza pizza or Rodney Scott's pulled whole hog? Well, wonder no longer. If you live in Los Angeles, you'll finally be able to fulfill those gastronomic dreams. A new pop-up restaurant, smartly titled Netflix Bites, is opening on June 30th. It is devoted to all things Netflix food and drink related. 

The restaurant will showcase some of the more famous recipes we've seen on Netflix's various programs. Dishes like Curtis Stone's Whole Crab Curry, Andrew Zimmern's Grandmother's Meatloaf, and, yes, Scott's amazing barbecue. It's a feast for the senses that Tasting Table was lucky enough to taste. And we're here to tell you those stunning food shots are not fancy photography and invented special effects. It's all real, and it is all spectacular.

Fans of Iron Chef and Chef's Table will feel at home

The outdoor dining area next to the Short Stories Hotel on Fairfax Boulevard is the perfect setting for this feast. With brightly colored pillows and banquets, diners feel like they've entered a Lichtenstein painting. As you walk through the door, patrons are greeted with a stunning marble bar covered with flowers and citrus and a team of bartenders ready to start your dinner or brunch with the perfect drink. For the cocktail enthused who are dying to try LP O'Brien's bodega-inspired Everything but the Alley Cat or Frankie Solarik's Absinthe Sour, both of the Drink Masters' cocktails are on hand for your sipping pleasure.

Head outside to one of the tables or booths, and there's no mistake you're in the world of streaming giants. Pillows are emblazoned with the words "Netflix Bites," and posters of the participating chefs adorn every wall.

Take your seat, and you'll be treated to delicious plates that are just as fun to look at as the pillows you're leaning on. If you're a fan of Curtis Stone or Ming Tsai, you'll be over the moon as they create some of their most popular recipes from "Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend." Curious about Stone's Wood-Fired Lamb Ribs or Tsai's Smoked Black Cod? Yes, they're on the menu, too. Looking for a vegetarian option? Dominique Crenn's Roasted Savoy Cabbage is available as well. 

Netflix Bites will be open for a limited time

Unlike most pop-ups that take over other restaurants or bars, Netflix Bites has its setup right next to the Short Stories hotel. You'd never know this was a limited engagement with the amount of detail paid to its setup. Not only are there enough tables and booths to accommodate over 100 people, but a pizza oven and barbecue pit have also been set up on the premises as well. 

But if you want to watch bartenders shaking up stunning cocktails, chefs placing unusual toppings on pizzas, or feel the intense heat from Rodney Scott's barbecue pit; you'll need to do so sooner rather than later. As with most pop-ups these days, this cute little dining spot won't be here forever. Currently, there's no official end date, but Tasting Table was informed that the restaurant would only be in Los Angeles through the fall. 

Make sure to book your table in advance

When "Chef's Table" premiered in 2015, it was unlike any other food documentary out there. Each episode was devoted to a single chef and the love and passion they put into their food. Audiences ate it up. It was such a hit three more spinoffs were created. "Chef's Table: France" premiered in 2016, "Chef's Table: BBQ" followed in 2020, and recently, "Chef's Table: Pizza" premiered in 2022. These shows have not only been big hits for the streaming service, but they have also created a great desire for viewers to travel far and wide. With that kind of popularity, it's no surprise that several chefs from some of the biggest episodes were tapped to bring their show-stopping recipes to this pop-up. 

Unfortunately, that popularity means one thing: high demand. With so many people watching and drooling over these shows and so many celebrity chefs contributing to the menu, we're sure the lines to get in will only grow from here. While you could walk up and possibly get a table, we'd recommend making a reservation. That's the only way you'll guarantee the opportunity to sit and enjoy these tasty tidbits from not just one chef but several on the Netflix docket. 

10-plus cocktails to choose from, and there isn't a bad one in the bunch

If you're a cocktail fan, the Netflix Bites drink menu doesn't disappoint. Created by several bartenders from "Drink Masters," we understand why these mixologists are considered top of their field. Although we enjoyed all four of the tipples we tasted, our favorites were definitely Kate Gerwin's Oaxacan On Top of the World and Julie Reiner's Cornbread Old Fashioned.

Gerwin's twist on the margarita placed her in the competition's top three right out of the gate. The cocktail is built with mezcal, housemade Chinese 5 spice syrup, Bergamont, and clementine and lime juices, all of which are topped with Gerwin's special salt air. The creation absolutely elevates the classic margarita. It is sweet, with a subtle hint of smoke, thanks to the mezcal. But the salt air takes this drink to the next level. No matter where you sip from, you'll get an understated salinity that melts into the drink, transporting you to an Oaxacan coastline from the moment your lips touch the glass.

Meanwhile, Reiner's Old Fashioned is unlike any we've ever tasted. It's sweet! Made with the unusual mixture of reposado tequila, bourbon, and sherry, it's such an easy sipper that it disappears in an instant. We only wish the cocktail came in a bigger glass; we could have sipped on it all night. 

The Netflix pop-up has the spotlight bites you know from hit food shows

The drinks aren't the only reason to step into Netflix Bites. The food is just as amazing. We tasted several dishes throughout the evening, from Andrew Zimmern's Japanese Fried Chicken (a definite highlight from the appetizer menu) to Nadiya Hussain's Honey Cake. Each bite was better than the next. But the showstoppers were Rodney Scott's Pulled Whole Hog and Ann Kim's Lady Zaza Pizza.

After roasting the whole hog on a gigantic grill, Scott shreds every inch of meat. Served with his signature Rodney sauce of vinegar, pepper, lemon juice, cayenne, black pepper, and pepper flakes, it's a feast for the eyes, nose, and tastebuds. While the sauce definitely adds a tangy zing, there's so much flavor in the pork itself that the Rodney sauce isn't always necessary. Served with a side of collard greens and a couple of pork ribs, this plate will make two people very happy and very full.

We were most excited about Kim's Lady Zaza because we just couldn't wait to taste how kimchi would work on a pizza. But after the first bite, we were so happy to know it was as great as it looks. With the Lady Zaza, the soft wood-fired crust is topped with tomato sauce, kimchi, pork, scallions, and sesame seeds. The spicy kimchi brings out the saltiness in the pork making for a slice of pizza that tickles all the senses.

Is it worth it?

We love going to new restaurants and trying unusual and interesting dishes. But most places have one theme, and that's it. While there's nothing wrong with a thematic steak house, barbecue joint, seafood restaurant, pizza spot, or bar, it's rare that you can find all those options in one location. But Netflix Bites has managed to combine it all on one menu with delectable results, so you'll no longer have to wonder about those dishes you've been staring at and salivating over for the past couple of years. Now you can taste them for yourself.

With so many delicious options, this pop-up (which opens Friday) is a great option for a girls' brunch (starting July 1st), date night, or even a family dinner (if you have older children). It doesn't matter if you're a carnivore, pescatarian, or vegetarian; we guarantee there will be something behind those brightly colored doors you can sink your teeth into.