Dominique Crenn Introduces Restaurant Membership Worth Nearly $4k

Whether for the glamor or the sheer love of food, folks with a fine dining habit have made it pretty clear that they're willing to fork over a plateful of cash for access to private restaurants. Now, triple Michelin-starred French chef Dominique Crenn is rolling out an exclusive membership to her world-renowned Atelier Crenn, and the fee makes the legendary Soho House New York look downright budget-friendly. Crenn has been refining her eponymous San Francisco restaurant since 2011 — the same year the restaurant earned its first Michelin star — and the new membership totes a fitting level of celebrity. A big change is coming to Fillmore Street, and it's coming with a $3,800 price tag. 

In the new Crenn Collection membership, guests are invited to "experience the artistry beyond the walls of Atelier Crenn and share our core values of humanity, sustainability, artistry, and excellence." What exactly does that entail? For starters, unlimited guaranteed reservations at both Atelier Crenn and Bar Crenn (with at least 72 hours' notice), as well as access to an on-call Crenn Concierge for advice and menu expertise. Perhaps most excitingly, members get to experience exclusive "bespoke events," a new series of private parties to be put on by the restaurant. So far, the team has hinted at private winery tours, spirits tastings, cooking demos, picnics, and exclusive members-only dinners with Atelier's winemakers, all free of additional charge. As a representative of the restaurant told Tasting Table, "A space at all of our member events is included in the membership fee." 

The next chapter in fine dining

It's shaping up to be an eventful time for the chef and her restaurants. Recently, Crenn served as the culinary consultant for the 2022 flick "The Menu." In January, Atelier Crenn was decked out with a total overhaul makeover, and in March, the Japanese-style vinyl-spinning Bar Crenn launched a new craft cocktail menu. Fitting of the high-class experience a top-paying foodie might expect, the menu features sophisticated cocktails at $25 to $30 each, like the "La Voison" with Cabernet Sauvignon, Angostura, rye, cognac, and rosemary.

Still, for all the culinary innovation and exclusive perks it includes, a $3,800 membership might seem steep (and it is, any way you spin it, a lot of money). But, other expensive restaurants and ritzy wine bars have posited even higher price points for membership — and foodies are paying. Last month, fine dining giant Chotto Matte released its first NFT, which gives owners exclusive membership and access to first-class flights, a ticket to every future global Chotto Matte restaurant opening, tickets to major sporting events, and a highly-coveted New Year's Eve reservation for six — and the NFT cost $1 million. NYC's Casa Cruz is lined with original artworks by savants like Warhol and Haring and has 99 restaurant members who pay as much as $500,000 in annual membership fees.

Atelier Crenn membership spots are limited, so interested guests should put a little boogie in their step if they want to snag a spot.