Curtis Stone's Advice On How To Properly Season Meat

Internationally known celebrity chef Curtis Stone knows a thing or two when it comes to the culinary arts. According to the Food Network, his passion for food began at an early age when his grandmother would make fudge. On his website, he says, "Whether it was making marmalade with my nan and grandad or fudge with my granny, I look back now and think it was a little odd for a 5-year old to be so obsessed with food."

The Australian-born chef completed culinary school, refined his skills under Marco Pierre White, a Michelin-starred chef, and became head chef at the elite restaurant Quo Vadis. Food Network says that Stone is a New York Times best-selling author, TV host, and entrepreneur. He has been featured on many cooking shows, including "Kitchen Inferno" and "Beach Eats USA."

In the years since making his lifelong dream a reality by opening his first solo restaurant, Maude, in Beverly Hills, California, Stone has offered plenty of cooking tips to his many fans. And, at one point, he offered some advice for seasoning meat.

How to season meat the right way

"Since you can't add flavor to the center of the meat, the outside of the steak has to do all the work. Sprinkle salt and pepper from high up over the meat — it'll fall in an even layer — and use more than you think you should. Then add a pinch more," Stone advised, via People. That is bold advice coming from a chef that makes soft and succulent desserts such as Salted Caramel Pots de Creme.

So, why add such a large amount of seasoning to meat? Steak, especially large cuts, is not flavorful on the inside and may taste bland if the outer part is not well-seasoned. As the Pioneer Woman once said, "Good steaks do not need sauce."

In a YouTube clip, Stone explains how to cook steak. First, he says to remove the meat from the fridge; This is called "tempering." He says to add salt and pepper to both sides and place the steaks together on their edges, fat side down, in a hot frying pan. Once the fatty part is caramelized, lay the steaks down in a single layer in the pan. Sear the steaks for a few minutes, and flip them when they become golden brown. When the steaks are almost done, place them on a tray to rest for five to six minutes. During this time, the steaks will continue to cook. After the steaks are cool, slice and serve.

How do other celebrity chefs season and cook steak?

Stone isn't the only celebrity chef that has a preferred method of seasoning steak. Chef Donatella Arpaia told Insider, "Sprinkle steak generously with high-quality salt — I love a black smoked sea salt — and pepper, and leave in fridge uncovered for a couple hours." The "Iron Chef America" judge continued, "An hour before grilling, take out of the fridge, so the steak comes to room temperature."

Chef Jose Enrique of the Beach Club at the Regis Bahia Beach in Puerto Rico told Insider, "Always cook steak fat side down first. This way, the fattier side is cooking longer, allowing it to render more. I love rendering that fat and letting the steak get nice and crispy!"

Who better to trust than a celebrity chef for advice on cooking steak? According to Caesar's, many celebrity chefs have their own steak restaurants. Gordon Ramsay, Bobby Flay, and Guy Savoy are among the elite.

To trim or not to trim

Some people may prefer to trim the fat from their steak, but Thrillist says that marbling means the meat is full of flavor. They also recommend rendering the fat by placing the steak upright, fat side down, in the hot pan. Then, rotate the steak for five to 10 minutes to get an evenly browned crust. When the edges are crusty, place the steak on its flat side and continue cooking, flipping once, then remove it from the pan and allow it to rest on a plate. There are different ways you can dress a steak after cooking, but Thrillist adds garlic, butter, and a generous sprinkling of, you guessed it, salt.

Steak isn't just an entree served at a fancy restaurant or for a special occasion. 

Many recipes introduce steak in various delicious ways. Delish lists steak recipes such as Steak Au Poivre, Steak and Eggs, Creamy Steak Fettuccini, and Air Fryer Steak. That's right, there's a recipe for cooking steak in the air fryer. Stone probably doesn't use this method, but it may be worth trying if you're pressed for time.