Mixologist Go Head-To-Head In New Netflix Reality Show, Drink Masters

Shaken, stirred, or perhaps you'd like that drink smoked? Grab yourself something to sip and get cozy because Netflix has just announced a new reality show, "Drink Masters." Between experimenting with flavors, balancing spirits, and planning how a drink should be served, it takes a very skilled mixologist to create a truly amazing and memoriable cocktail. Luckily, you might just learn a thing or two in this new series.

A recent press release revealed that "Drink Masters" is set to premiere on October 28, 2022 and will consist of 10 episodes, each 40 minutes in length. Brought to viewers by marblemedia and Boomerang Productions Media along with executive producers Matthew Hornburg, Tim Warren, and Mark Bishop working alongside Donna Luke as co-executive producer, Realscreen reports that viewers can expect to see all sorts of techniques, stylistic chives, and ultimately innovative drinks that are created at the hands of highly-skilled individuals.

A focus on the art of mixology

"Drink Masters" will be structured like a reality competition show where twelve of the world's most talented mixologists will be tasked with concocting alcoholic beverages. However, like many great competition show, there will be a bit of a twist. While competitors will vie for a life-changing prize and the coveted title of The Ultimate Drink Master, The Hollywood Reporter explains that the series will focus more heavily on the cocktail-making process rather than the beating of the clock. Hosted by comedian Tone Bell, contestants have the chance to display their skillset before the two judges, Frankie Solarik and Julie Reiner, who will evaluate the cocktails based on taste and presentation.

Given that we've happily been gobbling up food media for decades, "Drink Masters" is sure to keep us entertained. Given the winning formula of seeing a dish (or in this case, cocktail) being created from start to finish, Well + Good explains that "foodie" programs give viewers a sense of satisfaction, comfort, and can even provide an element of education. We'll raise a glass to that!