20 Best Coffee Shops In South Jersey

If you're from South Jersey, you know we can get the short end of the stick sometimes. People love to hate on the state, and even the infamous North Jersey and South Jersey feud makes even folks from our own state not be fans of the area. But if you've ever visited here or lived here, you know South Jersey is a hidden gem. We have beautiful beaches and beach towns, lots of greenery and protected forests, are the home of the blueberry capital of the world, and have easy proximity to Philadelphia to catch a game or grab dinner.

But if you want to get some good local coffee, you don't have to go into Philly (though there are some excellent Philly coffee shops). South Jersey has so many unique and charming coffee shops that you might not even realize are right in your backyard or in the town right next to you. Whether you live on the Jersey Shore, right outside of Philly, or somewhere in between, these are the best coffee shops you can find in the area.

Harvest Coffee Roastery - Medford

Before this coffee shop switched locations, many Harvest Coffee fans were skeptical of the change. Would it improve the shop's experience or make it worse? Would the coffee still be as good? Would we keep coming back? To everyone's delight, Harvest Coffee Roastery was the lucky one. The new and improved shop inside the old feed mill in Medford, just blocks down from the old location, has brought a new life to the shop. The old location got to build a fanbase with quality espresso and delicious syrups, and the new location has expanded business since then.

With so many places to sit both inside and outside at Harvest, it feels like the whole town comes here for the best day of specialty lattes and delicious food. While coffee is, obviously, a staple here, the food is excellent as well, with the sandwiches being standout items on the menu.

Ocean City Coffee Co. - Ocean City

The perfect beach day. You can picture — after spending a lovely few hours on the beach where time doesn't exist, you pack up your things and head back to your place. The post-beach shower is an essential part of this, and after refreshing, you get ready for dinner, feeling warm and content, and enjoy a good meal. Everyone knows the perfect beach day. Well, we'd like to wager that another perfect part of any good beach vacation, whether it be a week-long or a weekend-long, is the morning coffee run.

You could go to Starbucks for that, but it just hits differently to bike to a local spot, order an iced beverage, and get energized for the day ahead. Our go-to local spot in a favorite beach town is Ocean City Coffee Co. in Ocean City. The shop has three locations: two on the boardwalk and one on Asbury Avenue where the good shopping is. Some of the highlights for us at Ocean City Coffee Co. include its chai, the iced mocha, and honestly the take-home bags of coffee for sale on display. The bean blends are fresh and aromatic, and you just can't be sad when at O.C. Coffee Co.

Grooveground Coffeebar - Collingswood

Grooveground Coffeebar has both that perfect latte that's better than one you could make at home, and the indie record that's much cooler than yours (sorry, it just wins at everything, we guess). But, seriously, could Grooveground be any cooler? Located in Collingswood, this shop is right along the main stretch in town, and you can park on the end of the street where Grooveground is situated, grab your beverage to-go, and work your way up and back down the main street, hitting clothing stores, a beautiful plant shop, and even a record store on the way. And everyone knows that shopping is made better with a fun drink in hand.

But if you're looking to park it at a coffee shop and grind out some work, Grooveground's inside aesthetic is so fun that you'll never want to leave. Comfy chairs and high-top tables create dimension, while a wall of records shows just how hip the place is. And you'll be not shocked to find out there's always good music playing here, too. The drinks, obviously, are delicious, and the baristas are friendly, so feel free to ask for their drink opinions.

Brown Dog Cafe - Audubon

More than just coffee, the Brown Dog Cafe in Audubon is serving up specialty sodas like its lemon lavender espresso soda (yes, you heard us), homemade baked brown butter oatmeal cookies (heavenly), and apple cider donuts that you transport your tastebuds to an apple orchard. It's cozy, inviting, and most of all tasty, so there's no reason to skip the Brown Dog Cafe on your tour of South Jersey coffee shops.

If you have tried the local (and delicious) Elixr coffee before, then you will be familiar with the roasts here. And if you're feeling like something fruity, we probably need to calm down about the smoothies made with vegan protein powder, but we can't, because they're just that refreshing.

Lakes Coffee - Medford Lakes

If you want to be transported to "the lakes" by Taylor Swift, look no further than Lakes Coffee in, you guessed it, Medford Lakes. It's a small town right next to Medford, and a majority of the buildings are log cabins. Yes, this includes restaurants, the town hall, houses, and coffee shops. This shop is located on a charming strip of businesses, so you can take your coffee to-go while you walk around and look at antiques. The inside of the shop also leans into the lake vibes, with a shiny wooden coffee bar and log cabin interior. The owners are from the area, as well, and are often working the counter, so you're really getting the full lake town charm here.

Lakes Coffee isn't all about aesthetics, though. This coffee shop delivers quality flavored lattes, blended drinks, matcha, and tea, and always has a new special for regulars to try. We're especially fond of the iced vanilla lattes and the summer frappes the baristas whip up. Whether you're just driving through or looking to spend a nice summer day on the lake nearby, Lakes Coffee has you covered with all your caffeine needs.

Brew x Bread - Mullica Hill

Brew x Bread does deliver on the name, giving you both brew (coffee) and bread (pastries and food). In fact, we were delighted to discover just how much it keeps its promise in both parts of the name because the food menu here is just as big as the beverage menu.

With items like a breakfast sandwich chicken salad and even a brew burger (with a coffee-encrusted patty, sweet and sour onions, lettuce, tomato, sriracha aioli, and muenster cheese), this place can give you a solid meal with your coffee. Unique flavor add-ins of note include peach, amaretto, and pomegranate, and you can also even get a flavored lemonade in raspberry, peach, strawberry, blueberry, or, yes, pomegranate. What's not to like?

How You Brewin - Surf City

We just know Joey from "Friends" would be proud. How You Brewin in Surf City (we can't say the name of this place without doing it in Joey's voice, let's be real), is a breath of fresh air. The person who decided to put a coffee shop in this gorgeous shiplap cottage is a genius. The accessible ramp at the front of the shop means that everyone can enjoy it, and we think everyone really should.

It will never be a cruel summer at the beach anyway, but when you make a stop at How You Brewin, that's sure to be true. With over 12,000 Instagram followers, this coffee haven is easily a local favorite, and it's because the folks are kind, the aesthetic is there, and the coffee makes you want to go back for another later in the day after you've finished your first one.

Evermore Coffee Roasters - Burlington

Gray November, I've been down since ... wait, sorry, wrong Evermore. Evermore Coffee Roasters in Burlington is a place that makes us want to catch our breath for how pretty it is. The latte art, colorful toasts, burnt orange chairs, plants hanging around, and even the shop's Instagram feed are all gorgeous and meticulously planned to make you smile. We know we do with this place.

But, like all great coffee shops, the Joe has to live up to the standard, though it often doesn't. Evermore's does. A fan favorite is the cold brew cans that look like beer cans but contain cold brew. It's an ingenious concept that takes cold brew to the next level, and we're here for it. Plus, the shop roasts its own coffee nearby, which is no small feat, so we respect the level of effort here. It all pays off.

Trouble Brewing Coffee House - Haddon Heights

The only trouble that's brewing here is in the name. We knew it was trouble when we saw this place, but only for our wallets with how much we wanted to spend here. Trouble Brewing Coffee House in Haddon Heights, New Jersey is brewing some good old La Colombe coffee, and then putting its own spin on it. With helpful tools like online ordering ahead and the ability to bring your own coffee cup, Trouble Brewing knows how to just make life easier for its customers. There really is no trouble here.

The chai latte is a go-to for many, as is the matcha latte. And any drink can be made dairy-free with a selection of non-dairy milk options, as any quality coffee shop should have. And if it's not clear by now, the biggest trouble we have with Trouble Brewing is the ability to stop making puns about the name. (We're done now.)

Saxby's - Haddonfield

We know what you're thinking — isn't Saxby's a fairly well-known chain throughout the Northeast United States? While Saxby's does have around 30 locations spanning from New Jersey to Boston, the one in Haddonfield still deserved a spot on this list, okay? If you're a Haddonfield local, you'll get it. This Saxby's feels like a gem, and that's because it is.

With a long interior and charming exterior, the ideal location on Main Street isn't the only thing keeping this Saxby's thriving. Yes, the optimum spot on a corner street right next to a local bookstore is amazing for book lovers, but this Saxby's feels like a shot right out of "Gilmore Girls." On any given day, you can find the many tables filled with teens doing homework, families stopping for a drink and pastry on their walk, old friends meeting up over lattes, and work-from-home folks setting up office at a table by an outlet. And despite all this love from the community, it never feels overcrowded, the drinks always come out quickly, and there's always an open table for you to sit at. Plus, there are plenty of outdoor tables if you wish to enjoy your oversized chocolate chip cookie in the warm weather.

Roast Coffee Co. - Medford

A real coffee shop with heart, Roast Coffee Co. knows how to keep its customers engaged and satisfied. New coffee specials based on the seasons and holidays are always fun to try, but the old favorites here are always winners, too. You can tell it's all about the people here, and if you are what you love, then the vibes at Roast Coffee exemplify that wonderfully. There is a decent amount of indoor seating, and if you want to bring your fluffy friend and sit outside, your dog can get a bowl of water and a treat, since pets deserve the same cafe hospitality as people do, right?

Something else we love about Roast Coffee is the Instagram-ability of it all — seriously, take a photo of the sign outside or sitting at one of the tables inside and you'll find the perfect shot for your story. The açaí bowls are a favorite of ours, and we overall never have anything bad to say about this spot. Long live Roast Coffee Co.

Coastal Coffee Company - Beach Haven

Funky wallpaper fans, this one's for you. Coastal Coffee Company really leans into its chosen theme, and the plant-patterned tow-tone wallpapered walls and barista bar area exemplify that. The sign on the outside of the shop is gigantic, so there's no way you'll miss this place if you're walking or driving by.

Obviously, the coffee is what the place is known for, but if you are bringing a friend who's not a coffee person (it's nice to have a friend, but at what cost? Who doesn't like coffee?), they can indulge in the fan-favorite iced tea. The latte art with sprinkles of cinnamon will make your mouth water, and if you need some energy after swimming in the Beach Haven waves all day, the loaded avocado toast will give you the energy you need to keep enjoying your summer day.

Endgrain Coffee Roasters - Pitman

Put this coffee shop on the A-team, because wow, oh wow. Endgrain Coffee Roasters has a big local reputation because it truly deserves it. Tucked away on a side street in Pitman, Endgrain has one of the best lattes we have tried in the whole state, and that is saying something. There's a decent amount of seating both inside and out, and with fun seasonal flavors to try like the Irish potato for Saint Patrick's Day, you'll want to keep coming back here.

We think a good coffee shop has solid coffee, but a great coffee shop also delivers in the food department. Endgrain excels at both, serving up some memorable toast variations, like the strawberry ricotta toast on sourdough.

Colonial Cafe - Mount Holly

Looking for a coffee shop to transport you back to the Revolutionary War era? You can get all of your colonial vibes right here in South Jersey in Mount Holly at the Colonial Cafe. We think the tagline should be: Bring your dad who reads too many books about war, and stay for the delicious coffee. Seriously, though, if you are mainly coming for the way this place looks, you wouldn't be wrong for that. It's decked out to look like a house in the 1700s, and the shop's logo even takes inspiration from the original 13 stars on Betsy Ross's flag.

Though its coffee is good any time of the year, we think the perfect time to visit this shop is in the fall. Cozy up with a warm cup of coffee with cinnamon or a cappuccino and curl up in one of the armchairs with a good fiction book about food.

Hayday Coffee - Atlantic City

Atlantic City is more than casinos. But whether you're there for a relaxing beach day and want a cup of joe or need to pregame the pregame with some caffeine, Hayday Coffee has what you need. Open from Tuesday to Sunday from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m., Hayday really is a heyday for coffee.

The shop considers its signature drinks on the menu to be the Loaded Chai, the French Toast Latte, and the Golden Hour, and we have to agree with that — they're so good that it may seem like a hoax. It's not, though — it's just Hayday. The menu knows what it needs to accomplish, and you can create so many unique, customizable coffee options from what's on hand.

The Mermaid Room - Ship Bottom

Picture this: Your kid (or you) just saw the new "The Little Mermaid" film and are going through a mermaid phase. We've all been there, whether it was in 1989, 2023, or somewhere in between — or it never really ended. There's just something magical about everyone's favorite redhead and her adventures, and we get it. If you want to continue the fun, look no further than The Mermaid Room in Ship Bottom. Is a town called Ship Bottom a bit on the nose? Sure, but we find it enchanting.

Not only is The Mermaid Room coffee shop absolutely mesmerizing, but it is also truly one of the best coffee shops you can find in all of South Jersey. The sleeves for the cups feature the adorable mermaid brand logo, the baristas are charming, and the overall feel of the place makes you feel like a guest star in the movie "Aquamarine," with the teal T-shirt dress and all. The coffee is unique and fantastic, tasting like you bottled the salt air of August and nostalgia (don't worry, not actually, it tastes like coffee with notes of fruit, but roll with us here). The Mermaid Room should be a stop for you if you're down the shore, for sure.

Coffee Lovers Cafe - Penns Grove

The name should give you some indication that this place knows what it's talking about when it comes to quality coffee. Even the tagline of "It's Always Coffee O'Clock" just understands that the need for coffee can hit at any time. Only real coffee drinkers will get that, so we think the Coffee Lovers Cafe in Penns Grove has definitely earned its name.

Another thing this shop gets right is that it always keeps its customers in the know on its Facebook page with days it's closed and even when the espresso machine is down. It really is the worst when you show up to your favorite coffee shop and you don't realize it is closed for a holiday, so Coffee Lovers Cafe yet again proves it just understands coffee lovers and is ahead of the game in every department.

Nuanced Cafe - Camden

Smoothies, tea, and — duh — coffee are what this Camden coffeehouse serves, but community, connection, and comfort are what this place is really all about. Nuanced Cafe is just that, and it's a great place to stop by if you're in the neighborhood or looking for a different coffee shop to try out. Take note, though, that it is closed on Sundays, so if you're wanting to spend some quality time there, we think Saturday is the best day, as that's when you'll get the best feel for the community.

Fun menu items include rainbow bagels, amazing-smelling freshly-ground drip coffee, and dark hot chocolate. Yes, that's right, ditch the milk chocolate hot chocolate for dark chocolate hot chocolate and you'll probably never go back.

Pop's Coffee Shop NJ - Ortley Beach

Are you ready for it? Pop's Coffee Shop NJ even sounds like it was named by a Pop, and it's just all-around precious. Though we think the name is actually helpful because if you take a look at the cups, they do say "Seattle's Best Coffee," so we can see how that would be confusing to people. However, they just say that because the shop gets its beans from Seattle, so it makes sense.

Our favorite part of Pop's, aside from the name, is that it's located in Ortley Beach. Who doesn't love a good beach town coffee shop? The locals love it, the shoobies love it, and that's because there's truly nothing not to love, including the delish açaí bowls and pastries.

Common Grounds Coffeehouse - Oaklyn

Oaklyn's very own Common Grounds Coffeehouse is one of the best coffee houses in South Jersey, and though the message is very literally common ground, you can't deny some of the unique features this place has in the coffee world. If you're familiar with a flight of beer, get ready for a flight of coffee. We think this is perfect for the person who just can't make up their mind about their coffee order, so instead of panic-ordering their usual vanilla latte, they should opt for the Common Flight. You get four iced beverages of your choice on a wooden flight slab all for $15 — it's honestly a steal for what you get.

If you do want to make up your mind, though, we'd recommend getting either the foamy nitro cold brew or the Oaklyn Mocha, which is an iced mocha coffee with caramel, whipped cream, and as the menu affectionately says, "and more caramel." It's a sugar bomb that you'll be happy you ordered.